My dearest Sir,

You are always there. In my dreams I mean. Not a night goes by without you, your touch, your presence, your scent, your taste. In the daylight I am who you always said I was; strong, independent, willful, in charge of myself, and those around me. But the moment the door closes behind me, the outside world can no longer look in, and I am yours. Your love, your kitten, your lady, your slut. I am nothing more, but definitely nothing less. You made me be so much more than I was, and being apart is going to be the end of me.

You were there again last night. I dreamt that I opened the front door and you were there. Arms open, smiling. Without thought as to who might see I dropped to my knees; head up, eyes down, knees apart. The only word spoken “Sir”. Though I could not see it your smile grew. You stepped inside, crouched down, your fingertips trailed softly down my cheek, across my lips, a light pressure and my mouth was open, your finger inside. A small taste, just the beginning I hoped. I sucked gently on your digit, imagining that it was something more. In my distraction I did not see the look on your face. But I heard you growl. My eyes shot up, locked on yours, and were trapped. The pure lust radiating from your eyes froze me. My mouth, my tongue still playing with your finger as if I could not bear to stop.

I remember the effect it had on you when you were here, Sir. In my dream it was no different. You did not, would not, remove your hand. Your free hand reached out to my hair and, grasping it firmly, pulled me to my feet. I don’t recall closing the door, or seeing you do so but we must have because the next moment my legs were wrapped around your waist, my skirt over my hips, my back against the door, and your cock deep inside of me. I could feel your hand between our bodies as you tore open my blouse, my bra shoved out of the way as you leaned back to look at me. You saw my new tattoo, and drove deeper into me still. I could not speak, could barely breathe, capable only of soft moans, as you growled against my neck. With every thrust my mouth played accompaniment moaning softly around your finger, writhing against you.

That I had been about to leave, that I would be late for work, forgotten. That a world existed outside the door you were fucking me against, forgotten. All that existed, all that mattered was your body and mine, together. I felt your mouth on my neck, biting, sucking, licking, driving me further into madness. You began to move faster, thrust harder, and I could not contain my gasp. Your finger released you removed it from my mouth, a quiet whimper of need escaping me. The door was gone; we were no longer standing against it. My back was on the stairs, with a growl you put my hands on the railings, I held tight as your hands grabbed my hips, the pressure inside of me building to nearly unbearable levels. I wanted to cum, I needed to. But I fought against it. You had yet to give me permission and I would not disappoint my Sir. You felt my shiver as I fought it. I felt your smile against my breast. You began to suckle, and bite my nipple. You slowed down your thrusts and with every thrust you sucked, hard. With every withdraw you bit. One hand released my hip and reached between us. You nearly broke my control as your fingers played with my clit, rubbing it in time each time you rammed into me. Your mouth left my breast and returned to my neck, your fingers moving faster, your hips slamming into mine. I could feel how hard you were, how close to cumming, but still I fought it.

Finally, against my neck, at the pulse point, you spoke. “Who am I?”

“Sir.” Was my response. I felt the smile.

“Who do you belong to?” Again tightly to my neck, more growl than words.

“Only you Sir.” It was so hard to speak but I somehow managed to gasp out the words.

“Cum.” A low growl, tight into my throat, a hard bite immediately after. Enough of a shock to release my control. I felt my pussy contract around you, with the first grasp I felt you explode inside of me, your cock throbbing, pulsing inside of me.

I woke, so close to cumming it was painful. But I remembered your orders Sir. No cumming without you, no cumming until we are together again. I followed orders, I have since you’ve been gone. I am a good girl, Sir. Your good girl.

The dreams are every night. I spend the days fidgety, and tense. I know you can’t answer my question, but I do wish I knew when we’ll be together again. Our friends, the ones that know how we live, tell me that you never meant for me to wait this long. They tell me you would still see me as your good girl even if I permitted myself some release once in a while. They remind me you were only going to be gone a week, two tops. It was never meant to be so long. We’ve never been apart this long Sir. I looked at the calendar and it’s been nearly a year. A year tomorrow to be exact. They still haven’t found your boat.

I bought a small boat yesterday. If they can’t find you maybe I can. We’ll be together soon, Sir. I promise.

With all my love,

My heart, and soul,


Siara Tyr

Kith and Kin

Part 1: Broken:


I enjoy peace and quiet, usually. But today I find it grates. In a house full of people I should be hearing something. Well, other than just the sound of pages turning. I blame Jes. She took my journal the other night. She made copies of it and handed it out to the family as they arrived. *sigh* She’s read it already but has yet to say a word to me since she got home.

I was first here. I came earlier than usual. I wanted a chance to talk to her, warn her that I had things to discuss tonight. I got the hand. She’s said absolutely nothing to me. I guess I know how this is going to go. Hopefully I won’t lose everyone, but I’m guessing my time as family is at an end.

“Other room please. We need a few minutes to discuss this.” Raven didn’t even look at me as she spoke. I left the room, into the kitchen with me. I might as well have a drink while they discuss my fate.

There’s an iPod sitting on the table. I peek back into the living room only to have one of my sisters catch me. I sit down at the table, a glass of whiskey in front of me. I’m fidgety, and I catch myself playing with the unfamiliar iPod. I can hear them talking quietly but I can’t make out the words. I consider leaving, after all it’s what I figure is going to happen anyway. So why wait? I get up and grab my purse, slip quietly out the door to my car. I go to put the key in the ignition and realize I’m still holding the iPod. *sigh* I’ll have to go back inside, I can’t take it with me. I might be a killer but I’m no thief. I reach into my glove box instead and pull out my stereo cord. I plug in the iPod and turn on the engine so I can have a listen.

“Eternity gazed back at me. Like an ocean’s horizon at midnight. Faintest of whispers softly caress my ears and I wonder if it is a nightmare or a dream.” words & music by Jason Sinner


I hear the words, listen to the song, and then play it again. I don’t recognize the man’s voice so why does it sound like he’s in my head? I turn off my car, and head back inside. Sitting out there where someone could see me is making me tense.

My timing is… good I suppose. I hear Gwen sending someone in to get me. Monster comes in. My Mikey, my Monster, if I lose everyone else I will still have him. He’ll still have them as well though. I may have brought him into the family but he is family. He smiles sadly at me, hugs me, and we walk into the room together holding hands. Just like whenever he was in trouble with our folks. We stand together, his arm around me. It takes me a moment but I raise my eyes to meet those of the ones I love. I look from one face to the next until I stop on an unfamiliar pair of eyes. This must be Methial. Jes told me about him, he was brought in while I was missing. I feel a shiver crawl down my back, his eyes are steady on mine and I can’t seem to look away. He smiles at me, nods his head as if in greeting, and that breaks the spell. I can’t make myself continue, my eyes drop, my gaze upon the carpet as I await their condemnation.

Jes and Gwen look at each other. I don’t have to see it to know they are having a silent debate about who’s going to speak. We’ve done this before, only it was between the three of us. I hear a soft sigh, Jes it is then. “When were you going to tell us? Or were you even going to?”

My eyes snap up to meet hers. “Of course I was going to tell you! That’s why I came early tonight!” I step away from the safety of my brother’s arms. “Had you left it alone Jes, I would have told everyone tonight. It’s why I asked for all of the family to be present. My journal is with me, in my purse. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to say it all, I was absolutely certain I’d fail. So I brought it with me. It says all the words I didn’t believe I’d be able to.” I look around and I see distress on the faces I love so much. I’m broadcasting. “Just wait a sec, please.” I walk outside, breathe deeply, I need control. I sit down on the steps, close my eyes and focus on my walls. Brick by brick they go back up.

I feel a jacket placed around my shoulders and I turn to look. It’s Methial. My look is questioning, he simply shrugs and sits beside me. “Penny for your thoughts.” He looks at me briefly before looking ahead again.

Stunned does not begin to describe my reaction to his comment. “A penny for my thoughts? Really?” I look at him and see a small smile before he looks away again. “Ok, fine. My thoughts… my thoughts are somewhat scattered right now. One thought, why are you here instead of one of my sisters? But then I realize it’s because they’re all getting themselves under control and that I had little to no effect on you. Another thought, why did I have no effect on you? Next thought, is there even any point to me going back inside or should I simply get in my car and go home? Also, why am I spilling all my thoughts to you, and why aren’t you annoyed with my ranting yet?” He smiles at me again, stands up, and offers me his hand. Before I realize what I’m doing my hand is in his and we’re walking back into the house.

He guides me over to the couch where Mikey is sitting. After I sit down he sits beside me, a little closer than I should be comfortable with but I can’t seem to bring myself to object. Gwen watches with a smirk on her lips. Jes walks in from the kitchen and hands me a glass, a light sip tells me there’s whiskey in my soda. No surprise there, she’s known me most of our lives after all. I take a larger sip and wait.


“Ok so we’ve decided it’s time to come clean with you.” Not what I was expecting. Over the course of the next several hours my family told me what they had been hiding from me. For years. It turns out my family is full of killers. Not just in defense but flat out, cold blooded killers. I mean, yes I knew my Mikey was a monster, and that my sisters and brothers all had particular skills. I suppose it hadn’t occurred to me what purpose they had set those skills to. We all have jobs of sorts. When our folks passed away Mikey and I came into some money, I’ve handled my portion pretty well and haven’t had to have a 9 to 5 job in ages. Mikey drives a truck, a big ass truck. I suppose I now know the reason he loves the open road so much. The rest well… let’s just say they have day jobs and then they have jobs that prefer the night. But those are their stories to share, not mine.

I don’t remember leaving, how in hell did I get home? Mikey had to leave early, he had a run. So I know he didn’t bring me home. How much did I drink while they told me what I’d been too dumb to see? Jes tried to make it seem like they were just that good at hiding it but when I look back they really weren’t. I was just that good at being oblivious. Oh god, it’s not even 8 o’clock in the morning and I already want a drink. I killed, I won’t deny it, but after months in that place one could argue I’d snapped. My sisters, my brothers, they all told me horrible things. The only one that said nothing was Methial. He sat there beside me the entire time, his hand on my back. I vaguely recall leaning on him after a few drinks. Oh god, I need to call Jes. She’ll tell me it was all just stories. A prank. I need my phone, maybe it’s in the kitchen?

I walk into the kitchen and notice an unfamiliar jacket on the back of one of the chairs. I thought I gave it back to Methial when we went inside. I glance around and notice the back door is open. Given my recent paranoia I know I didn’t leave it open. I look out onto the deck, he’s sitting on the steps smoking a cigarette. The smoke curls around his head, almost a caress, before it drifts away. There’s a mug beside him and only now do I realize that I smell coffee. I guess I know how I got home. Dear god, please tell me I didn’t do anything stupid last night. Well stupider.

“He can’t help you, you know.” He didn’t even acknowledge my presence until he spoke. He’s still looking into the trees. And what the fuck did he mean by that? “God is what I mean. He can’t help you. Well he could, but he won’t.” He gets up, sticks his cigarette into the pot of dirt beside him, picks up his mug, and comes back inside. Without more than a smirk in my direction he drains his cup, grabs his jacket, and heads for the front door. “I’ll see you later Dee. We have a few things to discuss.” After the door closes I can move again, I run after him, flinging the door wide, but he’s gone. Just gone. No motor, and it’s a long driveway so it’s not as if he could already have driven out of sight. There’s a wide area around the house before the trees take over and I don’t see him anywhere.

Back into the house, Jes’s voicemail picking up before I even realize I have my phone in hand. “Jes, you need to call me. Like now. Or ten minutes ago. Or come over. Who the hell is this guy? I need more answers from you. I don’t suppose you’d be willing to tell me that yesterday was a bad dream? Or a prank? Just call me, please.”

All I got was a text. “He’ll explain.” Like that helps. And why wouldn’t she call instead? I’m officially creeped out. Raven called me. She said she was sorry that she’d lied to me about what she was doing. She also apologized for telling me the truth. I can’t fault her for that. After I got off the phone with her though I realized I didn’t want to talk to any of the family. So maybe it’s better that Jes didn’t call. I need a shower… or maybe a nice long bath instead.

After I locked everything up, I soaked in the tub for a couple of hours. Bubble baths are my weakness. Every little sound was making me jumpy but I was bound and determined to enjoy my bath. Afterwards I wander the house to make certain everything was still locked up tight. This has become a ritual the last few nights. Ok time for sleep. I turn on my bedside lamp, slip under the covers, and turn over. Right into Methial.

Ok my throat hurts, I’m not sure how long, or how loud I was screaming. My back hurts which I guess is what happens when you try to shove yourself through the corner. He’s bleeding. Oh my god he’s bleeding! What the fuck did I do? “Methial?” Ok whispering isn’t helpful. Did I even make a sound? He’s looking at me. Ok I couldn’t have hurt him too bad, he’s smiling. He’s smiling and walking towards me. He’s not walking, he’s stalking, and that smile scares me.



Siara Tyr



The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Currently in Production
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Currently in Production

 Matt Farnsworth Films    Madness is in the Eye of the Beholder


I ache.

From the top of my head to the very tips of my toes I do not believe there is a single spot on my body that is not complaining. I wish I could say it was a good pain that I’d had an exceptional workout, or even better absolutely mind blowing sex. God that would be nice. But no, it’s his fault I feel this way but nothing nearly so pleasant. When I got home from work on Friday I had stopped to pick us up our usual. We normally have pizza, a couple of ice cold beers, and watch a movie or two before we fuck the night away. Our version of celebrating the week’s end. He arrived before me which, although unusual, wasn’t a big deal. He’s had a key to my place for six months now after all. He seemed a little out of sorts but it had been a hell of a week so I thought nothing of it. We ate pizza, drank beer, watched the third of a movie, and out of nowhere his fist connected with the side of my head. Next thing I knew I woke up here.


I think that was five or six days ago. It might be longer. He hits me so hard I pass out and I have no idea how long until I wake again. Ignoring that I still have no idea what the fuck happened, or why he’s doing this, I can’t figure out why I’m tied to a bed of all things. It’s even comfortable sort of. It’s hard for anything to be comfortable when you’re covered with bruises, cuts, and even a couple of broken bones (I think a rib, and a bone in my leg but I can’t be sure about any others). And although at some point he stripped me, he seems to be putting a blanket on me as if to let me freeze would be unacceptable. When he comes into the room he puts a straw into my mouth, lets me drink some water. But there has been nothing to eat. As I’m still breathing I can’t help but think he’s doing something when I pass out to keep me alive but why?

Ok what do I absolutely know? He’s nuts. Ok that’s not going to help. I did notice that the leg that seems to be broken is also the one tied to the least stable of the posts. I think that’s why he broke the bone. I can’t pull on the post without a lot of pain. Last time it felt as if my leg would tear in two if I kept it up. And that’s when he broke my rib. He was so angry that he just kept hitting me. It doesn’t matter though, this is only going to work one of three ways. One, I manage to get free and somehow make it somewhere safe. Two, I piss him off badly enough that he totally loses it and beat me until I’m dead. Or three, and this is the one that truly terrifies me, I stay like this for god knows how long until he tires of his games and kills me. I’m not overly fond of options two and three. I’ll try my arms again, getting a leg free won’t do me much good if it’s the only part of me not tied down.

Duct Taped Mouth

Fuck me. I wonder how long I was out this time? Ok try to remember what happened. I got my arm free! Just in time for him to walk in. Oh shit. Yup, both arms look shattered. How am I even awake let alone thinking? I should be screaming in pain. I wonder what he’s been putting in the water. I’m pretty fucked now. I can’t lift my head high enough to see my legs but I’ll guess they’re both shattered too. I’m going nowhere. Even if I somehow managed to get free he’d just follow the trail of blood until he found me passed out from the pain. He never speaks. I never have the energy to. But if I’m going to die I’d at least like to know why. I hear him coming. This is probably going to hurt.

The door opens, and he enters the room. He smiles at her, and offers her the straw. She turns her head. He forces the straw between her lips and she does nothing. “Drink” She shakes her head at him. “You need to drink or you’ll feel all of this. Now be a good little girl and do as you’re told.” He doesn’t appreciate the glare he’s receiving and he slaps her, hard. “Drink”

“Fuck off.” She can barely speak but he knows what she said.

He slaps her again. “Watch your mouth!”

“I want to know why I’m here. Why are you fucking torturing me?” Her voice doesn’t change, he damaged her vocal cords at some point, he was afraid she might scream.

“Because you’re a fucking whore that’s why! I found your phone with those messages! To some guy named Brad. You’re MY girlfriend and you’re talking about fucking him! How you can’t wait to have him….” He turns away for a moment, shaking uncontrollably.

Brad…. Brad, this is about my ex boyfriend from five years ago Brad! It hadn’t occurred to her to clear an old phone, she’d chucked it in a drawer and forgotten about it. She starts to giggle, she can’t help it, and she can’t stop it. Even when his fist connects with her cheek she giggles through the pain. “Did you even look at the dates dipshit?” It’s the last she manages to get out before he connects with her mouth, shattering her teeth. She can’t move so she chokes to death on the pieces that fall into her throat. She’s dead a good half hour before he stops hitting her.


Bloody Mouth


Siara Tyr

A continuation by Monster – The Return


The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Currently in Production
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Currently in Production

 Matt Farnsworth Films    Madness is in the Eye of the Beholder


There was a time I believed in you

I knew you would always be there

No one could convince me I was wrong.

You helped me to open my wings

Helped me lose most of my fear of the heights

That I was going to attain.

You pulled me free from the darkness

And taught me to play in the shadows.

You reminded me that light cannot exist without dark

And taught me to fear neither.

You thought you were helping a butterfly regain her wings.


Then came your betrayal.

You showed me that you were false,



And my anger grew.

Cold, blazing, glacial.

Icy enough to burn you to your bones.

And yet I waited.


Now, now you think you are safe

You believe yourself untouchable.

Foolish man.

Beware the shadows

Watch the skies

For it was not a butterfly you released

But a demon.

And I am coming for you.



Siara Tyr


The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Currently in Production
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Currently in Production

 Matt Farnsworth Films    Madness is in the Eye of the Beholder

Deadly Night, Sinners Delight – A Collaboration

The moon was high in the sky, illuminating the worn pitch on the ground as my Sinner Sisters and I strolled the night. The Seven were a dangerously happy gathering, each comment growing more explicit as Jar’s preserving liquid that they enjoyed ingesting had its effect. One at a time, my Sinner Sisters drew attention, together they caused all that set eyes upon them to stop all movement and speech. It brought a smile of defright to my lips as I observed them at their true purpose.

We were escalating our Path towards the devious plans we had in place over time, the plan that would finally come to fruition. They were searching for the perfect Prey…a plaything of sorts, in order to perfect their skills and provide my eyes with some food for thought. Perhaps these creatures would serve me as well as my Sisters. It was to be a Deadly Night, the Sinner’s delight.

The tavern where my Sisters and I had started our journey brought thoughts of a past Journey, poorly lit with darkness that slunk in the shadows, a welcome surprise to those that travelled with me, giving each fodder in which to warm up her skill. The tones of the bard as he warbled his song was an offence to my ears, but his eyes were Treasure and I desired them for Jar.

Sister Envy bade me wait, that Prey would hold the true Treasures I desired. I did as she bid, my unnatural blues taking in the agreement of the others, grudgingly as the Bard’s eyes rivaled that of the deepest rivers that flow near my dwelling. Our egress was met with a collective sigh from those who lingered within, though it left me to muse upon whether it was regretful or relieved.

I had spotted them long before, Scythe having whispered the presence of the ingredient that was pertinent for such a foray, a deep well of darkness, its fragrance strong in the air. It made my mouth fill with water, sending a tingle through my bonesack as I felt the desire build in me black heart. To watch my Sisters of Sin take their fill of this decadence would be both painful and pleasurable to my mind, knowing full well that I there was plenty of time for me to Feed and administer the Final Indignities and gift them of their perspective upon their entry to the clearing.

Two perfect Prey, standing side by side against the wall of another tavern with horrible harmonics emanating from its open door. I could smell the devil weed that one was partaking of, its scent enticing, redolent in the night breeze, and the harsher, bitter fragrance of the wild tobacco that grew in the meadow near the river, it’s smoke swirling about the other’s hand and head like a white spirit. Both interest my unnatural blues as they drink the creatures in, a tremor of hunger and a need to Feed strong, yet I hold back. This is my Sisters time to entrance.

Sister Lust spots them first, stopping dead in her tracks with a smile of pure delight upon her lips, as the others turn their attentions towards the Prey that await their attentions. Oh how they smile, Prey, thinking that Lady Luck has fallen into their palms, and not knowing she is not here tonight, only the Deadly Sinners and their hunger to play.

Lust fixed

My eyes take them in as they lounge against the wall and an idea forms in my mind. I smile at my Sisters as I walk slowly towards Prey noticing their form. Both are very well-built & strong…same height, same deep blue eyes. One has a lovely thick mane of hair flowing past his shoulders…how I would love to keep it as Treasure. They talk amongst themselves as I approach and I notice the other one look behind me, leering lascivious at Sister Death.

Glancing back I see their eyes are locked and a sneer forms on her lips. I come very close to the lion-maned one and as I begin to speak he leans in closer pressing himself against me. He is quite taller than I and as he leans down I begin to whisper in his ear, my hand finding his and bringing it close to my breast. I sense the change in his breathing as he looks deep into my eyes and at my Sisters congregating behind us. Our home is not far away I tell him…and as I speak I notice Sister Death at my side.

I smile at her as I continue to tell him of the amazing pleasures that await them if they choose to join us. This other one cannot take his eyes off my Sister as she smiles & emits a low snarl in his direction. I am caught off guard when I notice Prey’s hand in the small of my back as he pulls me closer with his other, his gaze locked on mine. My eyes smolder as my hands reach up to touch his hair, taking it in my fists as I pull his head downward & roughly crush his lips with mine. What a Beast he is…I can feel his hardness against me as I growl & push him away, laughing & promising even greater delights that await them. My Sisters surround us as we begin to walk down the road to our ancestral home. I can feel their tension as they are all awaiting their turn at Prey.

Within moments it seemed we were standing at the door of our sprawling abode & leading Prey inside. Directly in front of us is a great parlor and my Sisters disperse around the room to look upon them as they take in their surroundings. This Beast has not left my side as he again pulls me towards him but I laugh again & push him away, seductively glancing at him as I lie down on a sofa with Sister Death. His friend has been advancing on her all evening but she has balked him repeatedly. He then turns his attention to Sister Envy who is lounging on a chaise, aggressively picking her up & squeezing her tight as she begins to struggle in his grasp. I hear a high-pitched scream as Sister Death is upon him immediately, Scythe appearing as if from thin air and pinning him up against the wall crying for Blood.


Sister Lust has approached Prey, both of them taking in the collective, dangerous beauty that is our gathering, and has begun her dance, teasing the one that resembles a beast, his hair a mane that drifts about his shoulders most interestingly. I feel a smile of pride crease my lips as my unnatural blues flicker over to his companion, expecting to find him watching their tango with rapt attention and finding his eyes upon me instead. This displeases me and sends a tingle of delight through my bonerack. I snarl in his direction, low in my throat, as I hold his gaze. Yes this one would do to Feed my rapacious hunger, I muse I gain her side, feeling the presence of Sinner Sisterhood at my back. Prey’s eyes linger over my physical attributes with ravenous glee, before settling once more upon my visage.
Beast has his hands upon my sister, pulling her close and crushing his lips to hers as her hands grip his long hair. She pulls away, that bubbling joyful noise that I so despise escaping as she tells him to hold, wait, that there would be greater delights upon our arrival at the Den of Iniquity, our home.

She speaks true to their ears, there are greater delights to be had, and it will be we who are pleased the most. Prey’s gaze is once again travelling the contours of my body. I feel it as it caresses my flesh, bringing a rise of heat along with it. He dares much in my presence and that of my sisters.

The course is set and we, as a group, wander back up the faded pitch road to our home, to the front door that will bring much perspective and torturous wonder to the mind of the two chosen ones. The Sinful Ones scatter upon entrance to our home, choosing to lounge in the Great Parlour, where they have furnished in lush jewel toned chaises and sofas.
The beast has followed close at Sister Lust’s side during our short Journey back, yet again reaching to taste more of her talents. I drift close to Prey, my arm brushing the odd fabric he wears, and the flesh of my hand touching his own warm skin on his own. He had been quite forward in his advances, speaking with his eyes what has been running through his mindsack since his first glance. This does not displease me as I am starving and wish to feed upon this creature, and I will, but tonight is for my Sisters and my feed will have to wait.

Prey seems disillusioned by my hesitation and turns his attentions to Sister Envy, who lounges in her chair, taking in the surroundings and events playing out before her, as is her way. He moves quickly for a man of his stature, with aggression plucks her from her place, and holding her tightly to him. She struggles gamely in his strong grasp, demanding to be released at once. Rage boils in my lifeforce, Scythe screeching her own displeasure as he loses his grip, and Sister Envy falls back to her soft spot.
Scythe finds her place beneath the shelf of his chin, her blunter side pressing hard against his flesh as I snarl at him, talons bared before his eyes. They are Treasure but I would gladly take them now, cause him to understand his transgression and make him suffer the most, immediately. Sister Envy giggles as she rises to stand at my side, her hand staying my hand and whispering that soon I would feed upon his flesh, to let her have her fun. He will pay…


I place my hand on our Governess. I risk much doing so, she doesn’t like us touching her without permission anymore than she likes others doing so. The only difference being that I won’t lose my eyes for my transgression. I speak softly to her, remind her that tonight is for fun, that she promised us play time before her lessons. I ask her to let me play with this one for a moment or two. I will make him pay for manhandling me, for daring so much with us both. She backs off.

As I watch her walk away, I notice that Lust has left the side of the Beast and he is watching with concern. Prey is sitting on the floor where our Governess, Death, allowed him to fall. The Beast comes over and pulls him up. They begin to walk towards the hallway, I can’t allow them to leave and my sisters are watching me. Lust inclines her head in their direction as she is whispering to Death, calming her. My other sisters are watching her with dread, play time may end before it begins if she doesn’t settle. But I must leave her to them. My job is to keep the Beast, and Prey from leaving. That I can do.

I slip quietly between them, a hand on both of their arms. I steer them to the bench in the entry, out of sight of our Governess. Sharing envy is not all I can do, even if it is what I do best. I sit myself gently on Prey’s lap, his arms wrap around me immediately. This is good, it means he is not too afraid as of yet. I lean into him, snuggling close, my fingers trail along his neck as I whisper “please stay”. I lean up a little and whisper softly in his ear that he doesn’t wish for Beast to have us all to himself. That if he leaves his friend will remain and get far more than is his fair share. I gently kiss his neck, my mark remains. He pulls me closer, he’s watching his friend now, sees that Beast is watching me, believes me. I slip off his lap although he doesn’t wish to let go. I glance into the room and see that Governess is calmer now. Lust glances at me, smirks, then nods. As I turn back, Beast grabs me and pulls me onto his lap. I watch Prey’s eyes as he glares at Beast. I gently lean up and whisper to Beast that he doesn’t wish to leave, that he can tell we can do things, affect people, and he desires this power. I tell him that, should he spend the night here with us, he will know all there is to know about what we do. I kiss his neck softly, my job is nearly complete.

My sister Avarice is up next, I can see her speaking with Governess. As she comes my way I stand up, Prey reaches for me and I kiss his nose before I slip back into the room leaving my sister to continue taking them deeper into the house.


I observe as Sister Lust relinquished her place from aside Beast and hurries to my side, where I stand with a snarl still on my lips. Prey sits on the floor, where I allowed him to fall as I removed Scythe’s beautiful blade from his throat, his eyes narrowed and wary, holding mine firmly in place. A touch of a smile, invisible but for a twitch, still plays at the corners of his mouth, as he takes in my visage and those of my Sisters that surround me, They of the admirable talents. This one would pay most of all for his choices, much to my delight, his perspective would bring new Paths to his sight.

Beast approaches Prey’s proximity, offering his large hand to help pull him to his feet. as Sister Envy watches with concern colouring her expression. Both confer silently and turn, leaving the room and headed for the door. This cannot be allowed and I attempt to follow, Scythe snarling in my grasp. I would end these creatures before they would step foot across the threshold.

Sister Lust speaks to me, asking me to allow Envy to work her brand of magic, in a whisper that only we can hear, while gesturing with a nod of her head to Sister Envy to follow, stop their egress. She follows, her delicate footsteps ringing in the room as she exits, her voice sweetly calling to Prey, to Beast, to hold, wait.

My Sisters of Sin regard me, deeply concerned that I would end their playtime before it started. Should Sister Envy not be able to stop them, I will gladly send them onto the Clearing with little remorse. Avarice rises to her feet, a smile of malicious glee upon her face as she informs me of her plan to lead them deeper into the Den, then striding to the doorway as Envy re-enters, nodding to me that her mark as been placed and they will not be leaving our care. I am pleased and await notice that Sister Avarice has them firmly in hand and is ready for our presence.


As I rise to my feet, I make my way over to our Governess, I inform her not to worry she will have these prey to do as she wishes.  I have yet met a human that can resist my sisters and I. As I watch sister Envy leave , these two are weak but not by much. I could tell there was some apprehension and some unease between them so I walk over to them and take the one with the long hair, I heard my sisters call  *Beast* by the hand.  I look into the eyes of the one they call  *Prey* and smile seductively.  “Come I say softly and reach out my hand, prey takes my small hand into his and I say ” let us go to a place we can relax.”  As I lead them into the Den, my sisters are there waiting,  Envy and Lust stand beside our Governess, they are whispering but Governess is watchful. Gluttony is sitting in an oversized loveseat with Wrath both of their feet in each others laps. Vanity is leaning against the chaise lounge were Sloth is lying , she is watching the one called Beast with hunger in her eyes.

Beast watches me intently taking in the soft curves of my body, as I lead them both over to a big sofa sectional nestle in the dark corner of the Den.  The look in his eyes is that of desire but also wonder of  what is to come. I let go of  Prey’s hand and ease him down into the sofa, he reaches for me but I move fast and slap his hand hard. ” Not Yet.” I whisper.  I walk over to  Beast, he is tall, big and strong, as I slide both of my hands up his chest I hear him say under his breath, ” What can this pretty little thing do to me?” I laugh and thank to myself , “You dear ,Beast,  have no idea. I press my body up close to him so he can feel the firmness of my breasts, I look up at him sweetly and say ” My name is Avarice.”  He begins to relax a little and wraps his arms around my waist. Sorry about my sisters, sometimes we can get a little carried away I say  as I push him back hard and he falls onto the sofa.

Prey looks a little surprised and starts to get up but I jump on him fast, my legs straddling his waist, “Shhhhh” I say, as I put a red-painted fingertip to his lips.  He smells of excitement and desire. I let my finger move from his lips and travel downward, all the way till I can feel his manhood grow fully erect in my hand and I slowly start to squeeze.   I move in closer to his face and look in his eyes and bring my soft red lips so close to his, Prey’s arms go around me and pull me close against his body. I feel his hand travel down my back and grab my round ass,  as I nuzzle close to his neck and wrap my other arm around him. I slowly take my nose and lightly run it along Prey’s jaw line and press a soft deadly kiss just below his ear. I leave my mark. At once Prey’s body slackens and I’m quickly in his ear. “You are so much more of a man than your friend, that is why I want you. I’m only yours and you can do with me as you will. He wants what you have. You know you deserve it. Don’t let him take it!”

I release prey at once and see that Beast is watching with hunger in his eyes and I can see my sister Lust has left her mark. I walk slowly over to him but Beast is in no mood for slow, he reaches out fast and pulls me in his lap hard and presses my body into his. I see Governess spring forth to attack and Sister Vanity run to her and say something to calm her. I can hear Scythe humming loudly.  I push hard against Beast and his grip lessens some, enough for me to straddle his waist. He is strong and he has waited enough, I rise on my knees and look down into his eyes , Beast reaches out and grabs my waist as my hand comes across his cheek hard leaving a small red handprint.   Beast looks at me with a smile on his face as I  put one hand in his long locks and yank hard bringing his face and neck back with a snap.  My tongue attacks his neck with licks and bites slowly making my way up to hover above his mouth.  His hands grab my ample breast as I come down hard and take his lips with mine.  I leave my mark. At once Beast’s body slackens and I’m quickly in his ear. “You are so much more of a man than your friend, that is why I want you. I’m only yours and you can do with me as you will. He wants what you have.  You know you deserve it. Don’t let him take it!”

All at once Prey is behind me, “Take your hands off her you big Ox” He reaches down and picks me up and out of  Beast’s lap and sits me on my feet. At once Beast rises and is in Prey’s face, ” She is not yours brother, she belongs to me, pick another one.” Prey replies,  “I have chosen and she is mine, you always wanted what I had,  well no more.”  As I walk away to my sisters,  Beast and Prey are nose to nose, almost to blows and the words coming are harsh.  Avarice is here, to destroy, to reign with my sisters. I have yet met a human that can resist and as I start to giggle I nod to my Sister Gluttony. I see her stand up and reach out and pick up a tray on the table in front of her.  As I pass by her , I hear her say.” Boys, Boys, Here now, I brought some food and drinks.”


Sister Avarice leads Beast and Prey back into the parlour, where the others lounge here and there, all with interest colouring their eyes, but for Sloth, who lays disinterested, watching the scene unfold before her, as is her way. On either said of me stands Sisters Envy and Lust, both very aware of my displeasure and the threat it holds.

She leads them to the soft, comfortable sectional the sits in the corner, easing Prey to his seat and moving quickly as he reaches for her, giving rise of a snarl to my lips. She slaps his hand, admonishing him for his efforts to grasp hold of her ample beauty, and turns to Beast, teasing the big man before pushing him hard onto the sofa.

Prey attempts to jump to his feet and finds himself held there as she sits astride him, coaxing and cajoling him into arousal, placing her mark just below his ear, whispering her instructions to his mind as he becomes slack beneath her. She rises to her feet as Beast pulls her indecorously into his lap. Scythe screams as I fly forward, feeling her smooth stalk slide through my palm as I swing to sever his head from his body. Sister Vanity steps in front of me, again one of my Sisters begs me to hold, cease, to give time for them all to place their marks upon these two creatures before I administer my punishment.

Grudgingly, I agree, eyes holding both Prey and Beast in their sights with a growl rumbling in my breast. Do males of this species not learn from repeated lessons? Vanity places her hand upon my forearm, daring much yet fearing little from me. Sister Avarice twines her small delicate hand is Beast’s locks, yanking it back as she leaves a trail of kisses across his neck, moving slowly up to lock his lips with hers and leave her mark upon him, as she whispers to him.

Prey is standing behind her, lifting my Sister from Beast’s grasp and setting her on her feet, as Beast rises, the two men aggressively attempting to take possession of Avarice. Fools, they still do not realise with whom they play. My Sisters all smile at one another, as Avarice giggles to herself. Not a human can resist their charms and it has been proven once again.

Still watching with wary amusement, I see Sister Gluttony rise to her feet and pick a tray of her specially concocted refreshments from the table, singing, ” Boys, Boys, Here now, I brought some food and drink,” smiling her glorious smile as they both reach for the drinks and food offered…how they would pay for this…..

Gluttony 1

From my seat on the sofa, I see that tensions are rising between Prey and Beast. I do not want playtime to end too soon, so I rise from my seat. When we first arrived home, I had prepared drinks and a tray of many snacks for our playthings, to make them feel more at home. I took it now, from the table next to the sofa, and smiled at my sister Avarice as I crossed to where they stood. “Boys, boys. Come. I’ve brought food and drinks.” I place a drink in each of their hands, put they tray back on the table, take their free hands delicately in mine, and lead them to another corner of the enormous room, by the bar, where I have conveniently placed the snacks. I strategically seat them on the chaise so that there is just enough space between them for me, and take my seat. The tray I had prepared earlier was directly in front of me, on the jewel encrusted table. As I reach to take a grape from the table, I glance around the room at my beautiful sisters. I see Death, Scythe humming softly at her side, and Envy watching and whispering to each other. My Governess is craving her kill. I can see it in the intense blue of her eyes. Sisters Lust and Sloth are lounging on the sofa next to them. Sister Avarice had taken my place on the sofa next to Sister Wrath. Stretched out in a lovely silhouette on the rug near them was Sister Vanity. They were giggling softly, all the while never taking their eyes off of the handsome toys we had lured into our den. My heart swells to see smiles on the faces of all my sisters. I take a grape from the tray, and turn to the one my sisters call Beast, and place it gently to his lips. He grasps my wrist firmly, opens his mouth, and I pop the grape inside. He closes his mouth just in time to nibble the tip of my finger before I draw it away. I flash him a smile, and turn back to the tray. This time I choose a strawberry. I turn to Prey, place the strawberry gently between my teeth and lean forward. Prey places his arm firmly around my waist, and pulls me to him. As he leans in to bite the sweet fruit, I place a firm kiss on his lips, leaving my mark. Prey pulls me closer, kissing me more passionately. I pull away, place my finger to his lips, and tell him. Wait. I then turn back to Beast, and kiss him seductively. I notice that both glasses are empty, and excuse myself. As I walk away, I can hear them beginning to argue again. Perfect I think to myself, and pull two bottles from the shelf. I return to the chaise, and hand them each a bottle. I sit, again between them, lean in to Beast, gently move his long hair from his ear, and whisper “Drink. All that you want. Anything you want can be yours.” I turn to Prey, and, brushing his ear with my deadly lips, I whisper, “Drink. All that you want. Anything you want can be yours.” Both begin chugging the fiery brown liquid as if in a race to finish. I know that Prey likes to indulge in what Sister Death calls Devils Weed, so I reach into my pocket and produce a sack filled with the green substance, rolled into cigs for him to smoke. A grin crosses his face as I hand him one, and he lights the tip. Both men empty their bottles, and I rise to bring them more, nodding and smiling down at Sister Vanity as I crossed to the bar.


My Sisters are enjoying themselves, toying with these creatures, some blatantly, others slightly less blatant, all taking their fill and placing their marks upon their bodies. The one called Beast appears wary, taking in the Sinners as they lounge about in The Den’s Parlour, all beautiful, all Deadly, and all intent on stretching their talents. I have pride in my black heart, in my Sisters in Sin, they who prey and yet I yearn for Scythe to taste their lifewaters, to feed, and perhaps Feed upon the seeds of darkness that linger within each.

Sister Gluttony has fed them well, enticed them with the fruits of her labour, beverages with a whisper of encouragement, and indeed fed them from her own lips and fingertips, firmly stamping her mark upon them. For Prey, a sack of the pungent Devils Weed that lit his eyes and brought an expression of hunger to his fascinating features. As he draws on the well rolled biri, his stature relaxing considerably, a fascinating silent message radiates from Sister Gluttony’s orbs into Sister Vanity’s.

Every eye is upon the creatures that sit deep in The Den, the animosity created by these Deadly Ones, each more so than the last, was delicious to my mind. Four have had their way with Prey and Beast, there were 3 more delights for these two, before I got my chance to imbibe of their darkness, and I craved it. The pressure of someone’s ocular orbs upon my skin made me shiver, and I glance around the room, and found not a pair to meet mine, before turning back to the couch where Sister Gluttony has vacated her place in order to bring more of the required beverage, nodding to Sister Vanity as she passes.

Beast has his own steel blues on my own, his forehead creases in careful observance. This one sees much, I muse, as I drift towards him, knowing full well that curiosity obliterated the feline, and unable to stop. My Sisters are silent behind me, on edge, but they need not worry, I will have my time, and will not take away theirs. Beast leans forward at my approach, unafraid, and this displeases me, a twitch at the corner of his mouth betraying a smile.

A lightest touch upon my mind, my hand breaks the interesting contact, the barest running of his fingers across my flesh as his mind investigates mine. I allow him entrance, the sensuous tremors of his first steps inside a mind that will surely make him flee in fear alluring. I smile into his eyes, and see them widen slightly as I lean close to him, my lips at the cup of his ear, and whisper that he will be first. I turn my head slightly, to find his face dangerously close, his gaze intent and unafraid as well. This disturbs me and move away as his hand comes up, my midnight shot ember curls trailing across his open palm as I turn to find Sister Vanity watching with amusement. My lips curl up in answer and nod, making my way back to my shadows along the wall.


 My sisters have been having such fun with the toys we found, I can’t help but smile. Sister Gluttony, with some help from the Devils Weed, has made Prey much more relaxed, more pliable if you will. I see the look in her eye and know my time is almost here. Beast may not be around much longer if he can’t keep his hands off of Sister Death. This thought brings a smile to my lips as she turns to leave him. I nod, knowing my time to play has come. I wink at her as I make way past her, headed to the couch and our playthings.

Prey is still watching Death as she moves back to the shadows so I focus my attention to Beast. His eyes give me the slightest uneasy feeling but I know that I am safe, he may be a threat outside of our home but not here, not now. I take my place between them, making sure to be a little too close to Beast, he is first on my to do list. I snuggle in close to him, my hand wrapping around his forearm, I giggle and whisper “Oh my. That feels very nice.” My lips brush his ear as I speak to him, softly stroking his already enlarged ego. My fingers are twirling in his hair as I keep telling him how safe I feel with him. He must workout to have arms like these. The smile that begins to play at the corner of his mouth lets me know all I need. He is feeling very full of himself and that is good.

Prey, not amused with my attention toward his friend, scoffs as he stands up. The Devils Weed has made him hungry and he heads to the bar and the snack tray. With him gone I pull my feet up onto the couch and curl up next to beast. In his ear I keep repeating the things he loves to hear. What a fine man he is, how lucky my sisters and I are to have found him, you know the things all men long to hear. I can’t forget prey though, he needs a little ego boost as well. So I whisper one final thought into Beasts ear before I kiss his neck, leaving my mark, and stand to go chat with Prey. He tries to hold onto my hand, not wanting me to go, I smile at him and tell him I will return.

I wink at Sister Sloth  as I walk by her, she is going to have such fun with these two but first I must light the fire in Prey. I press myself to him from behind “I’m so glad you walked over here. We needed to be away from your friend” I breathe this onto his neck. “You know you are the one we really want, right?” I ask him this as I begin to trace my nails up his spine. “You are the one who caught our attention, you and that smile, we just had to have you.” I feel his body begin to tremble as his confidence builds. I place a kiss behind his ear, my signature spot for my mark, as I tell him the same words I just spoke to his companion, “You could have us all if your friend wasn’t here.”

I turn to leave him and see the looks my sisters have on their faces, all of them amused by the tension that is building. I love to see them smile like this, never more radiant than they are in these moments, the moments just before we…well you will see.

I nod at Sister Sloth, it’s her turn now.


I observe Sister Vanity twining her will around Beast, teasing whispers as she curls up beside him, stroking his arm as well as his ego. It amuses me to see his chest puff up as she drips her noxious honey into his ear. Prey is displeased with the attention Beast is receiving, and rises to his feet with an upturned lip and glaring in my direction, before striding to the bar for further refreshment and sustenance. He waits not long before Vanity strikes, placing her mark upon Beast and unfurling from her position on the couch to work her wonder upon Prey.

Sister Sloth lounges on her chair,  in what some might misconstrue as lethargy, a sweetly dark smile upon her lips as she watches Vanity weave a heady concoction to charm Prey, her mind already planning her playtime with them both. Such a deathly gathering of lethal beauties, all focused on the scene playing out before us, but for one. Her eyes settle upon mine sadly, offering a spare and strained smile before turning back to the festivities. How odd, I muse, my mind rattling over the evenings events, and finding nothing to warrant such an expression. I hear a rustling in the room and return my eyes to Sister Vanity, who is placing her marks and drifting away, her smile an unspoken cue.

Sister Sloth slowly rises to her feet, a most delicious gleam sparkles in her eyes as she determines her direction. I watch her gaze narrow as she makes her choice, and with purpose and intent advances…..


Yes, my choice had been made and I smoothly glided across the floor toward him. As I passed Sister Vanity making her way back to the rest of our sisters to watch this last chapter of our festivities before the Grand Finale, our arms brushed against one other. Instinctively our hands reached out to each other as we passed, neither of us slowing our pace but keeping the soft physical contact of skin on skin until our fingertips met. The index fingers of both our hands slightly curling around the other before letting go and moving on.

We are sisters and each of us is endowed with our own powerful gift to incite sin. My gift is to take away responsibility, duty and conformity. We affect each other almost as much as we affect our prey and we sin openly for our own pleasures as well as purposes. Sister Lust always seems to have the greatest effect on me. When she is near and there are men present, my body awakens to a slow burn, hungry to devour. As I approached Prey and saw his sleepy bloodshot eyes moving over my body, a wry smile on his face, I imagined how it would feel to have his hands moving slowly over my bare soft skin, his lips and tongue tasting my lips and neck before traveling downward.

I halted my train of thought. Now wasn’t the time, nor the place. Death Maiden was here. Prey and Beast belonged to her. She was just allowing us to play before she performed the Final Indignities…and she may want to feed first. She would not appreciate me scarfing down her meal.

I feared Death Maiden in much the same way as a child fears their mother. You know that she loves you fiercely and would kill to defend you but you DO NOT want to piss her off. Besides, there was something else that I wanted from Prey and Beast. Something that Death Maiden couldn’t save in Jar, something that Scythe could not sever from their tortured bleeding bodies.

As I had lounged back in my chair, seemingly bored, watching my sisters as they each took their turn, I paid close attention. I was not watching just for entertainment purposes but for strategy as well. I needed to know these men. I needed to know their strengths and their weaknesses…especially their weaknesses. I play dirty.

I ran my fingers over Prey’s shoulder and down his arm as I circled around behind him. I slipped my hand around his waist relishing the feel his hard slender torso before resting it over his heart. I held him tightly, pressing my body against his back. Again an image flashed through my mind. An image of his hands on my inner thighs, pushing them apart as his wet, hot tongue circled my vulva, flicking gently at my hardened clit.

“Such a pity,” I chuckled as I pushed the image away and got back to the task at hand. This one was full of hope and love. I had seen how his gaze softened every time he laid his eyes upon Death Maiden. She had snarled her disapproval and it had not phased him in the least. Love is blind and his love for her had struck him stupid as well. I raised my lips to his ear and started whispering.

I implored him to look around, to see my sisters, all stunningly beautiful. Did he really think that these beauties would want him? Did he honestly think he was worthy of even one moment of our time? Couldn’t he see that we were just playing with him, like cats playing with a mouse, catch, release, catch again? Didn’t he see how we set him and his friend against each other, just to amuse ourselves?

I felt his shoulders slump slightly and I continued to whisper in his ear relentlessly. I asked him to turn his attention to our Matron. The one he had difficulty taking his eyes off. I demanded he look. That he see her hate and disdain for him. “She knows no love,” I whispered, “except for pain and death. Your future ends here. She will grant you no love and your soul will spend the rest of eternity starving for it.”

His body slumped further in my arms and his tears began their slow descent down his face. Oh yes, he saw his fate and he was devastated. Having taken his hope, I placed my lips upon his cheek, leaving my mark as I tasted his salty tears.

“GET OFF OF HIM BITCH!” Beast bellowed rising from his seat, his movement swift and determined. He was on me in a split second, grabbing me by the hair and tossing me like a rag doll to thud against wall. Having let go of Prey, he crumpled to the floor, curling himself into a ball and blubbering like a baby as he rocked back and forth. I heard Scythe scream and saw Death Maiden advance toward Beast. I winked at her and twitched my lips in a half-smile to signal to her that this was not unexpected. Things were going exactly to plan. She halted and Beast, breathing heavily and totally unaware of how close he came to beginning the inevitable pain and torture that Death Maiden would inflict on him, strode toward me.

This one was full of fight and righteousness. His hand came around my throat, squeezing tightly as he held me against the wall. He looked into my eyes and what he saw there, or rather, what he didn’t see there caused him to loosen his grip slightly. He was a warrior. He fought with strategy and intelligence. My eyes held no fear, no anger, and did not beg for mercy. I knew he could break my neck with little effort on his part, but he wouldn’t. He was aware that he was surrounded.

I caressed the forearm of the hand that was pinning me against the wall. As my fingers tightened around the hard rippling muscle of his arm, my pelvis, having a mind of its own…and a dirty one at that, leaned forward to press against his. His cock was hard. The fight turns him on. This time the image that filled my head was of this beast pinning me against this wall in a whole different capacity. Driving that delicious hardness deep and strong inside me, our teeth biting, our fingers and fingernails digging into each other’s flesh with every powerful orgasm.

Again I set the image aside with only a slight sigh of regret. I slid my hand up his arm to take his hand from my throat. He didn’t resist and as I held both his hands in mine, I leaned forward to whisper in his ear. I reminded him of his greatness and asked why he continued to fight for somebody else’s purpose instead of his own. Why he continued to lift others to positions of power and prestige while he stayed at their feet, nothing more than a faithful guard dog. “They care nothing for you,” I whispered. “They send you to your death again and again leaving you with nothing but scars.” I felt his righteousness leave him and I stepped back, lowering my gaze to his hands. I lightly brushed my thumbs over the many scars that covered them before lowering my lips and leaving my mark on his knuckles.

Releasing him I turned my back on him and returned my gaze to my sisters. My eyes were bright and a smile opened on my face. I had taken Prey’s hope but left him with his love. I had taken Beast’s righteousness but left him with his fight. This was going to be interesting! I took my seat and smiled at Death Maiden. Let the Finale begin!


From my place in the shadows I  observe Sister Sloth advance, her disinterested expression fading as her focus shifts and narrows, and Prey’s not so covert glance has not gone unnoticed by any of the lethal lovelies, a smarmy smile lurking as his tongue slips out to swipe at his lips. He lifts his eyes from her more than ample assets to meet mine own, and his smile fades slightly.  How he has suffered, sweetly,  with each of my Sisters, their games leaving him obviously aroused and frustrated.  The final indignities were mine, and both would feel the wrath of Scythe’s beautiful blade before I allowed them to pass into the Clearing.  Sister Sloth circles Prey, her tainted fingertips sliding around his well-built frame before it comes to rest over where his heart lays beating in his chest.  I had hopes she would tear it still pulsing from his body, and am intrigued as she leans close to him, her voce sotto tones soothing and yet…yet.  Prey’s eyes move from face to lovely face, a lingering not at all as his gazed touched on them.  Each smiled gently, viciously in turn, and as I return my attention to Sister Sloth’s ministrations, I see his shoulder slump, his hands grasp his middle as though from a blow to the gut.   She has draped herself over Prey, whispering in his ear with a toothy grin as his eyes seek my own, demanding I return the intensity and it leaves me cold.  He recoils slightly in her arms before slumping further in her embrace, hateful tears streaking his cheeks in long streams.  I find it distasteful and turn away, unwilling to watch the silent grief that left such a delicious scent in the air. one of hopelessness and loss.  How it must taste on her lips as she placed her mark, the kiss disrupting the steady streams that coursed over his skin.  Her interest lost, she opens her arms and he drops to the floor, making a most horrid sound.

I hear Beast roar, his voice ringing in the quiet of the parlour, and whirl around, lowering Scythe as I strode forward. I would end this creature where he stands, cut his head from his neck with no concern should he dare move.  Sister Sloth catches my eyes, dropping a lid in a lecherous wink and giving a slight smile that  barely curves her lips. A dangerous game she plays with this one, his aspect full of Righteous Indignation as he charges towards her, his large hand nearly enclosing her throat, and devours her attention as he stares into her eyes.  I smile myself, at his barely perceptible hesitation, shock perhaps at the lack of any emotion save desire.  She would Feed upon him until there was nothing left but a fleshy shell if given her will, and he would scream his thanks.  I am confused by her regretful sigh, as she takes his hands and  speaks quietly to this Beast, and am stunned when he backs off, his eyes glazed slightly.  Sister Sloth places her mark upon his scarred hands with something close to a caress, and turns to face us with her eyes alight with a horrific glee.  Six pair of eyes settle upon my visage, with the weight of a poisoned kiss.  I meet each in turn, with little more than a twitch in my chest, listening to Scythe’s sweet voice spill her desire.  Her song reaches each ear in turn, and a smile of recognition shines forth. Entranced they are, by her lugubrious tones, lost in thought or memory, it mattered not, and they were forgotten. My Beloved Ones would wake with her scream of slaked hunger, and then it would be too late.

Beast stands against the wall, his once  strong bearing now less so, as he stares at his hand, his long hair obscuring his expression.  My heart nearly skips a beat at the beauty of this vision.  It occurs to me that beneath the veneer of a warrior, lies a constantly raging war.  Was his fight gone, I mused, slithering closer, wary of a ruse from this Beast.  His eyes flicker slightly and a most deliciously terrifying smile crosses his lips and is gone in an instant.  I am pleased with a battle before I feed, and venture closer still, my blues focused on his face.  Oh this creature was clever.  His eyes are treasure and I am entranced by them, how devious they are as his gaze ticks up to meet my stare, before quickly looking away.  I feel that laugh bubble up from my chest and fly from my lips at the thought that he could possibly believe that it would have results.  Scythe moans in my ear, her breathy notes dripping like honey to my ears.  A sister shifts and I break eye contact with Beast to glance over my shoulder.

The warrior remains, exerting his dominance by daring to wrap his forearm around my neck, and I snarl in rage.  My talons meet the large muscle of his thigh, puncturing through the tough fabric with ease.  Not a roar, does he utter but a pained grunt before he begins to throw words at me in his strangely accented voice.  Some of these words are laughable and others leave me confused.  I will ask Sister Gluttony about them. Beast threatens my existence, so many inventive images he  gives me, his suggestions give me pause, momentarily.  I ease my grip on his well toned thigh and his grip on my neck does as well.  I held little doubt that he would end my physical body, and his words, his mind pictures told me of what Sister Sloth had left him with.  I was a wrong-doer, in his eyes, and his purpose was to send them to the clearing. His hot breath reflected his passion for the cause, and as I wandered the labyrinth that is his mind, I discovered a door.

An unremarkable door that held a treasure.  What was left of his humanity sat facing me, eyes unflinchingly on mine, fear deepening their blue hue.  Humanity speaks softly, unapologetically and I am surprised.  He interests me, and it matters not a bit.  Gently and with respect, I place my lips to his forehead, and feel Humanity shiver under my final mark and see his lifeforce fill the air. I am thrown back into myself and back into the  terrifically  humour filled glare of the Warrior.  I flicked my eyes aside, and back, smiling as he averted his gaze and growled what I assumed was acquiescence.  This  Warrior would bear watching.

Prey still rests where he was left, a disinterested Sister had left him changed,  Scythe had remained silent, until  now.  She thirsts for his blood, and I wish to spill it.  I place her  eversharp point to the lightly pulsing spot on his throat, and watch his eyes narrow.  My Sisters in Slay rustle like birds in the clearing, clear disapproval, and I just didn’t give a fuck.  She who Slays hesitated.  I won’t have that problem.

Sister Envy takes  Scythe from my grasp, and whisks her away for safekeeping.  Crouching beside the one they call Prey, I inspect the wound left behind by Scythe. “That won’t heal,”  I mused unapologetically, and curiously swiped my fingertip through the never drying drop.  It glimmered in the light, red as the wine that awaited me, if Reaper lets  me enjoy it.  He lingers in the shadows, eyes on Sister Lust, and I ignore his lovesick ass for the living breathing body in front of me. “She had the right idea.  You may come to despise her choice.  I know you’ll hate mine.” His eyes widen slightly, as I lick the slick streak of  crimson on my finger and consider serving him to the family for dinner.  “No kiss of Death for you. Not yet.  She left our mark already.”  I leave him bleeding on the floor.

Outside the world awaits,  a new journey and I laugh slightly, knowing our paths will indeed cross again.  My Sisters and I will be sure of this.



The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Created by Matt Farnsworth ©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC

The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Created by Matt Farnsworth
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC

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