An Afternoon Delight

I walk into your office looking sharp in a black dress jacket, matching skirt, hot pink silk shirt, 3 inch heels, and hair in a clip behind my head. As I walk slowly towards you, my left hand reaches out and takes your right hand, I place my right hand on your chest and, pushing firmly, back you up to your desk until you are right up against it. I slip my hand around the back of your neck and pull your mouth down to mine. I feel you shift slightly on your desk, your legs moving further apart, and your hands reaching around to pull me in closer. You can feel my slow smile as I allow you to take control of the kiss. As your tongue slips between my teeth, I get my first taste of you, I moan softly. My hands begin to unbutton your shirt and you take this as permission, undoing the button on my jacket and sliding it off of my shoulders. I permit it, shrugging it off to drop to the floor.

With your shirt unbuttoned, I slide my hands underneath your t-shirt and begin to touch you lightly. I can feel your fingers undoing the buttons on my shirt but only allow you get about half way before taking a step back. Grasping your hands, I look you in the eyes and shake my head very slowly. I place your hands on the desk and press down gently.

Taking my hands off of yours, I slide your shirt slowly off your shoulders, down your arms stopping at your wrists. Then slowly lift your t-shirt up along your chest, over your head, and down your arms to rest with your shirt. I begin to nibble on your neck while running my hands up your back, massaging your shoulders briefly and down your chest stopping just above your belt buckle.

crimson_duchess_rivers_of_grue (2)

I undo the belt buckle, then the button on your pants, and I slowly pull down the zipper. My mouth begins to travel down your chest, kissing, licking, nibbling wherever catches my attention. As my mouth reaches your navel I pull you slightly away from the desk and pull your pants ever so slowly down your legs. I am enjoying the anticipation, the game and look up to see if you are too. I start caressing your legs, starting at the bottom and working my way up, kissing and nibbling as I move.

You begin to move your hands so I adjust my position, taking your hands and placing them back on your desk. My mouth is watering, and I lick your cock just once on the outside of your boxers. I then slip my hands under the sides of your boxers, lifting away from your skin and pulls forward and down. Your cock is free for me to play with now and you see my eyes light up in appreciation. I can’t help myself and you hear a low greedy sound escape my lips.

crimson_duchess_rivers_of_grue (3)

Placing my hand at the base of your cock and, making sure to look at your face, I slip it into my mouth and take it in as far as I can in one movement. When I’ve gone as far as I can, you see me take a deep breath, give your cock a lick, and take it in further. I’m watching your face, watching your eyes the entire time. I want to know what you like, what feels good, what really turns you on. When I have it fully into my mouth, you feel me place my tongue on the underside and slowly move my mouth all the way back to the top, licking him like a lollipop all the way up.

crimson_duchess_rivers_of_grue (6)

My left hand is against the desk offering support but my right hand is free to assist me. I reach for your balls as my mouth goes back down on your cock and begins to caress them, squeeze them, play with them. My god but you taste so good. I notice that I’m making little sounds but I don’t care. My mouth is moving back up your shaft, a little more quickly. I shift my hand to follow my mouth, grasping firmly.

I feel your hands on my shoulders but I don’t care, that means you can support me now and I bring my left hand off the desk. I slide it around behind you, grab your ass and, as my mouth begins another downward journey, press in you even closer to me, trying to take you in without hesitation. I gag just a little towards the bottom but push through it and get you all the way in. You grin at my sound of satisfaction. I start back up, licking you, allowing a little more suction this time, my hand following along. As I reach the top, I lick around the head, gentle flicks of my tongue, tasting you, wanting even more of you.

crimson_duchess_rivers_of_grue (1)

Someone knocks on your door, you call out that you’re busy at the moment. I try and nearly succeed in stifling a giggle. They ask if everything is ok and I take that moment to give your balls a light squeeze causing you just a slight problem in answering. You manage to tell them that everything is fine while I play with your balls. I remove my mouth, slip in a mint, suck on it for a moment and then lightly touch it to the edges of your head. It feels cool and causes a slight numbing sensation. I begin to stroke your cock with my hand, taking just the tip back into my mouth. While my hand glides up and down your shaft, my tongue is tracing your head, flicking across the top. Slowly I begin to move down your shaft with my tongue, keeping my tongue soft to begin with, flicking here and there gently. When I reach your balls I take them into my mouth one at a time, tasting them, sucking softly.

 crimson_duchess_rivers_of_grue (7)

I feel your hand fist in my hair, my hair clip seems to be long gone, you pull softly at first, harder when I resist. I begin to rise as you pull, you offer me a hand up and I take it. I’m pouting at you for taking me away from my fun. Suddenly your mouth is on mine, you lift me to sit on the edge of your desk, my skirt around my waist now. You’re pleased to find nothing underneath. Within moments your cock is inside of me, filling me, I moan louder than I mean to but it simply makes you smile. Your hands reach between us, pulling my shirt open, the remaining buttons scatter.

You pull me tight against you, control is no longer mine but I don’t care. Your hips begin to move, you lift me off the desk with each thrust. Your mouth covers mine, muffling our moans, our passion. My fingers are leaving imprints in your shoulders as I hold on tightly, yours leave your marks on my hips. My head falls back as your mouth leaves mine and you begin to devour my neck. We’ve forgotten where we are and are not nearly quiet enough now. You thrust into me one more time, hard and we explode, falling over the edge together.

crimson_duchess_rivers_of_grue (9)

We hear a throat clearing and you look back over your shoulder. Our boss is standing just inside the open door. We can see our co-workers trying to look past him. “Five minutes, my office” he walks out closing the door behind him, we can hear him yelling at everyone to get back to work.

We look at each other, my cheeks are red, I can’t help but blush. You smile slowly, help me off the desk, kiss me softly, and say the first words either of us has spoken since I entered your office. “Totally worth it.”


Crimson Duchess


I could feel you, my eyes were closed, blindfolded, but my other senses were flooded by you. Your hands trailing slowly down my body, your breath hot against my neck. I could feel your erection pressing against me, eager for entrance, but you would not, you teased, pressing yourself against me tightly. My hands could not touch you, they were bound; all I could feel was the soft silk against my fingers, wrapped around my wrists, tightly. I could not speak, I was gagged, more silk, soft against my lips but preventing my words. I felt your lips as they kissed my face, my neck, down over my shoulders and chest, my breasts were treated to kisses, nibbles, bites….and then you moved on. Your hands stroking my skin, touching me everywhere they could reach, and there was nowhere free from their touch. Everywhere your hands travelled so too did your lips, your mouth, that ever so talented tongue. I wanted to cry out, to scream, to beg you for release. You heard my whimpers, you slid down my body and your tongue was on my clit, sucking, flicking, stroking. Your fingers dove inside of me, you brought me so close that I felt as if I would explode if you continued! You slowed, you stopped, I could not help myself, I tried again to beg you but again all you heard was my whimpers, my moans. You understood though, and I felt your cock teasing me again. I could not move my feet, bound as tightly as my hands, but I could lift my hips and so I did begging without words this time. You ever so gently, so very slowly, slid your cock inside of my pussy. You whispered no when I moved, and so I laid perfectly still as you filled me slowly with your length. I could not prevent my moan when you filled me completely, your groin against me. You leaned in, removed my gag and kissed me. The gag back where it was you began to move. Slowly at first, then faster, your hands preventing my movement, the gag preventing any sounds beyond my moans. It didn’t take long before you were pounding into me, hard, fast, intense, just as I needed. And then, oh god then….


I hate fucking alarms…

Crimson Duchess

Sisters Part 1

My sister growls, low, softly under her breath. My monster prefers the tears, the begging, the moment when prey realizes that they have no chance of escape, of release. But, she does not mind the screaming. It is after all only the slightest of sounds in our song. Like the bass, the screaming must be there to make it worth dancing to. Time to bring in the melody.

My sister and I, we harmonize well together. Years of practice before I hid my Duchess away. Her Maiden has tried several times to bring her back to play, the song was lonely with only one voice. Her Scythe sounds lovely but seems to enjoy when my daggers join in.

We glance at each other and I turn back to our prey. Scythe dances along his spine, I knew there was a reason she wanted the open back chair. My daggers make snowflake patterns on his chest and down his arms. When I peek at his back I can see the bone, but she’s not severed anything yet. She smiles as the snowflakes fall from his skin. He’s stopped screaming, he seems to be in shock. I hear Keeper coming towards us, he bends down in front of prey and tilts his head. He looks up at the ceiling to the hook my sister placed there recently. We understand.

Our prey seems elated. We are unwrapping him from the chair. Does he think he is going free? Such a hopeful little toy he is. I hear the doorbell. Hmmm… I unwrap my skirt and grab a robe from the wall. I can feel my Keeper watching me. Whether it’s because I’m now half naked or he’s waiting to see what I do I’m not certain. Perhaps both. My sister continues to adjust our prey as I head up the stairs. I hear Keeper behind me, will he be help or hindrance? As I get to the door Keeper pulls me aside. He opens the door and speaks with the men on the step. Yes he’d seen prey, last night actually. I’d called him. I was afraid. There was someone in the tree outside of my room. I slip quietly away as he speaks with them. Upstairs, into the shower. It is only 6am or thereabouts so they won’t be surprised if I was still in bed when they arrived. I come down the stairs, drying my hair with a towel, calling out “Who was it hun?” Stopping short when I see the men in the doorway; I clutch my robe more tightly around me. “Oh!” I blush as the officers look at me. One looks longer than he should, Keeper sees. Perhaps my next toy? The officer in charge notices too, damn not my next toy. He sends him out to look at the tree, Keeper has made it sound as if I was terrified when the guy hung out at my door for twenty minutes before finally giving up and leaving. The officer in charge says he’d like to ask me a few questions, but he’ll wait until I get dressed.

I head around the corner and quietly down into the basement. I let my sister know that we have police upstairs and she smiles. As I go back up the stairs she takes him through the doorway. I’ll have to meet her there later. Once I am dressed I head back down to the living room. I apologize for the delay but the officer says it’s fine. He asks me some questions, I answer them truthfully. I’m nearly positive the man had been there before. No he’d never come to the door previously. I blush when I tell him that I was… playing over the phone with my guy. He asks me when did the guy leave? I tell him I’m not certain, I didn’t actually see him leave. The officer thanks me for my time and heads out. They see where he jumped out of the tree, but as the ground is dry there is no way to tell which way he went when he left.

After the police leave I change, and then Keeper and I head back downstairs. He looks surprised to see that my Maiden and prey are missing. Seriously, did he think we would take that chance? We may be a little crazy but we sure as hell aren’t stupid. He looks at my low growl, he realizes that Duchess is already back out and there is no prey in sight. I lick my lip as I watch him walk quickly to the door. He opens it and steps back, away from my monster.

I hear my sister’s Scythe singing as I stalk through the trees, my daggers pulling me in her direction. But I hear another sound as well, a low singing, not entirely pleasant to my ears. I enter the clearing, my prey is hung from a tree? I tilt my head to look at him as a machete suddenly swings towards my head. I block it with a dagger, my other at his throat in an instant. My Maiden growls a warning, I step back away from this masked invader. Oh, this must be her new playmate. He reaches towards me and she growls again. His hand drops, at least he learns quickly.

I see our brother over by the tree, he is watching our interactions with amusement. I wish to be annoyed but that smile… fuck. Keeper enters the clearing and Maiden growls another warning. This man introduces himself, Marcus. Keeper drops to his knees before brother; calls him Dark King. Curious.

I walk over and kiss my brother’s cheek, Keeper watching me. He watches as Maiden does as well. He seems uncertain as to why we take such liberties. He is more confused when our brother returns the gesture, and lets me hug him tight.

I hear a whimper, oh prey is still alive? I had thought my sister had taken care of him but it seems she waited for me. Oh how I love her. I circle him slowly, seeing what she and Marcus have done in my absence. There is not much flesh left but my sister seems to have left his… rod for my amusement. Or perhaps Marcus and brother did not wish to see. I slowly touch it, Keeper looks away. Does it bother him that I am touching it or does he not wish to see what I might do? *shrugs* Oh well, I refocus my attention and within moments, even with all the pain he is in, he is hard, sticking out from his body, begging for my continued touch. I take a step back and nod to my sister. Scythe falls. Prey screams. Before he dies I kiss him softly. His eyes barely focus but he sees me. I smile. He sees my daggers last as I collect my sister’s trophies.


Crimson Duchess


He creeps through the night like a leaf on the breeze. There is the odd sound but nothing that can be tracked. He peers through her window, he’s done this on many nights. Tonight her window is open, letting in the sounds of the night, allowing the breeze to caress her as she sleeps. She is nearly invisible in the pile of covers and pillows, he can barely see her shining hair splayed across her pillow.

As he strokes himself, quietly in the dark, watching her lying in bed, he hears a sound. He looks around carefully. He doesn’t want to be spotted but he doesn’t want to fall out of the tree either. He sees nothing, hears nothing further, but can’t help feeling as if he is being observed. He shrugs and looks back in her window. She’s gone! The blankets have been tossed back. He sighs softly. Oh well it’s not the first time she’s wandered off in the dark, had he not been looking around though he would have had a chance to see that body of hers. She wears next to nothing to bed, just underwear most nights. He loves to see her breasts as she sleeps, the moonlight caressing them as she breathes…he’s hard again. His hand moves rhythmically as he recalls the movement of her chest in the night. He’s watching for her return, he won’t cum until she is back, he likes to pretend she can see him. She walks back into the room, she’s on her phone. He doesn’t recall hearing it ring so she must have called someone herself. It’s quite alright though, he knows she can’t see him and she’s sitting there very much naked tonight.

What’s she doing? He watches as she digs through her side table. A moment later she pulls a dildo out of the drawer. Within moments she’s put her phone on speaker, he can barely make out a man’s voice as he talks to her. The bitch is cheating on him! She’s getting off in front of him, letting him watch her as she pleasures herself to another man’s instructions! Fucking bitch! How can she do this to him? He continues to stroke himself as her hands run over her body, as she plays with her nipples, as she begins to slowly move the dildo in and out of her pussy. He’s stroking himself faster now, keeping time with the movements of her dildo. He tunes out the man’s voice; he’s so fucking hard he feels like he’s going to explode. He can’t wait, he’s going to cum just as she looks up and locks eyes with him. They cum together, she keeps her eyes on his as she removes the dildo, says something he can’t hear and turns off the phone, stands up and walks to the window, opening it the rest of the way. She smiles at him, and then wags her finger at him. Bitch! She’s cheating on him and she’s got the nerve to scold him? I don’t fucking think so!

He drops down carefully out of the tree. She’s no longer in the window. He walks to the front door, she’ll open it, he knows she will. He hears that sound again and turns around quickly. Still nothing there. She’d better open the door soon. He stands with his back against the door, watching out into the darkness. Every other night it has been his friend, his co-conspirator, helped to hide him from her eyes. Tonight though, it feels as if the very darkness itself is breathing, growling, hungry. The shadows feel like living things as he stands there, reaching, clawing their way to him. The door opens behind him, he nearly falls inside. She smiles at him, amused. This annoys him tremendously. He opens his mouth to say so and she shakes her head, pointing at the stairs. There is someone asleep. She takes his hand and leads him into the living room, and asks very quietly “Would you like something to drink?” He nods a yes and she leaves the room. He hadn’t realized how thirsty he was until she asked. She hands him a glass of water, and as he drinks it the front door opens. What the fuck?! This new chick is carrying a Scythe! He tries to stand and falls over, he fights to stay awake. The last thing he hears is laughter.

“Let’s take him down to the basement, then you can go wash up. We have time.” We drag the creepy stalker dude down the stairs. It should take a couple of hours for the drugs to wear off. We tie him to the chair in the middle of the room, nearly naked. My sister uses barbed wire, she has an affection for it. She places her Scythe within plain view. It should be the first thing he sees when he awakens, should we not be back yet that is. We wander back upstairs, she goes into the kitchen to make us something to eat, I head up to have a quick shower. It’s going to be a long messy night but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t start off looking my best.

I’m back downstairs in a little over half an hour. We have a quick bite. There’s no desire to have to rush things simply because we are hungry after all. My sister is dressed all in black, her blue eyes her most distinct feature when she is attired this way. On the other hand, although the majority of my attire is also black I also like a little colour. My corset has two rivers of crimson, they continue their path down my skirt as well. Standing as I am you cannot tell but my skirt has a slit on either side, my movement mustn’t be impaired after all. Should I adjust my skirt you would see a dagger strapped on to each leg, but most people never see them, merely feel their bite.

My sister tilts her head, he must be waking. Her Scythe must be singing, my daggers are beginning their song and it would appear that they are in harmony tonight. Oh! Now my stalker has begun his song! I do wish he would try to carry a tune, one would almost think he was screaming. We rise slowly from our chairs and head down into the darkness.

I walk over to him, my fingers gently caress his cheek. He stops screaming. He is staring at me now. He tries to move toward me and realizes rather suddenly that he is not being held by rope. The screaming begins again. My sister is amused but then she has always enjoyed the screams of her prey. I prefer the sudden silence but to get mine, one must have hers. She glances at me, then at the door in the corner. She is offering to move this to her place. I know she is hoping I’ll agree, she has a new friend there that would love to be a part of this. But I can’t agree to move him; I made a promise to our Keeper. Speaking of which he should be here soon. He does love to watch. I don’t like to disappoint my sister though, perhaps her friend would choose to come and play here tonight. I make the suggestion and she walks through the door. She won’t take long I’m certain.

When Keeper arrives my little stalker begins to beg to be released. He says he didn’t know that I belonged to someone. Keeper glances at me, I hand him my cell and he begins to chuckle. It’s nice to know he approves. He asks me where my sister is, this gets the attention of my creeper as he suddenly looks around as well. He hadn’t noticed her absence. I point to the door, Keeper nods but lets me know that he is tight on time tonight. If she is not back soon, I will have to keep this one until the next night.

The door slams open as my sister strides through. Her new playmate is not with her. There is another though, just through the doorway. She tells me he is brother. “Yours or ours my sister? Do I have need to claim him as well?” She walks over to greet Keeper then turns to the door and beckons him. He shakes his head. I walk to the door, I won’t go through so I stop at the edge. He comes to me, kisses my cheek, and tells me that we will meet again. Those eyes! It is a few moments before I realize he has drifted away. We shall have to discuss him later my sister and I.

I glance at Keeper and he nods as he reclines in his chair. My sister has the jars ready, the fan is on as I cannot stomach the smell of those damn containers. My sister is nearly salivating, we are finally about to begin. As this one’s crime was lust and possession I shall begin there. I begin by gently peeling away what clothes remain to him. My eyes dart to my sister, she is fully Death Maiden now, her eyes practically glow. I am still being gentle, still being Siara, still being somewhat kind. My Maiden smiles at me, her words disappear when her monster is in control. “Eyes last my sister, I wish him to see everything.” She nods, and steps back. One swing from her Scythe and he has a delicate slice running along his arm, it is weeping crimson. I feel my monster fighting me, but I hold on. I am afraid to release her, it has been so long and my fear is that I will never put her back once she is free. My sister cuts my little creeper again, a leg this time, another surface cut. She is pulling at my monster, trying to help me set her free. Until tonight I have been bait, luring them in, leaving them to my sister. It is why Keeper is here. He knows my monster is meant to be unveiled tonight and wished to be present. He is watching me, I can sense his disappointment at my restraint.

Keeper summons me to him, I walk over, my head bowed. His hand reaches towards my head and I lean closer so he can reach me. His hand is suddenly in my hair, removing the clips holding it back out of my way. His wraps his fist in my hair and pulls my ear to his mouth. “Now.” I turn to face my creeper, my captive, my…..prey. My dagger is in my hand singing it’s joy at being unfettered, it’s sister blade begging to be released as well. They are both in my hands now, I stride towards my prey, his eyes open in renewed fear. I continue past him, he thinks he is safe, that I chose not to cut him, until he looks down and sees the crimson river pouring down his chest. My sister cheers. The first slice and my monster is free! My prey is missing a section of skin, my glorious daggers removed it without pain. The pain is however beginning to be felt. Prey gets loud. Keeper calls me Duchess and I blush, he looks at me again, Crimson Duchess.

And Duchess hungers.


Crimson Duchess

A Dream

Through the silence of the night, she felt his presence. She knew that if she allowed it by the morning light she would be his. One touch, one caress, one kiss, is all it would take. Still, with all her fears, she could not find it within herself to deny him.

He slide into the bed beside her, he thought she was asleep. His arm slipped around her, his hand just beneath her breast. Although she had invited him to share her bed with him, he would not push her for what he wanted. It would have to be her idea. She would have to show him that she desired him as well.

She waited, patiently, barely breathing as he slid in next to her. When he wrapped his arm around her she was surprised to feel his hand stop just shy of touching and on top of her clothes. She had thought he would at the least touch her skin. Then she remembered, she had offered him a place to sleep, nothing more. She had not realized it would be up to her to initiate things. She had misread him, he would not take what he wanted after all, she was going to have to give herself to him. No submission, she would have to offer. She reached for his hand, placed it on her breast, and pressed her body back softly into his.

He moaned softly, and began to massage her breast, her ass pressing against him had him instantly hard. Her neck was so close, his lips were on it kissing her, licking, nibbling softly. She moaned under her breath and his control shattered.

He was being so gentle that she was surprised to suddenly find herself on her back. His mouth on hers, his hand kneading her breast hard, as his leg slid between hers, pressing tightly against her. This, this was what she was waiting for. This was what she needed most of all. She needed to feel out of control, as if this decision was not hers to make. She began to touch him, everywhere, until he pulled back.

He smiled at her, reached for her hands, and raised them over her head. He pressed her hands gently to the rails of the headboard, squeezed gently to make her hold them, then went back to touching her face, her breasts, shaking his head slightly when she went to reach for him. He knew what she really wanted, and he was going to answer her every prayer.

She awakens, alone in her bed. Her body sore, aching, yearning for his touch. She sits up slowly, stretching, trying to maintain the feeling. She is confused, why did he leave? Where did he go? She looks down as she realizes she is dressed as she was when she went to bed. She steps into the hall, wanders quietly to the living room. He is there, asleep on the couch. It looks as if he fell asleep while working last night, his mug still on the table, his laptop still turned on. She heads back down the hall to go have a shower. It must have been a dream, but oh god what a dream.

He hears her head back down the hall. He aches, his body, his heart. He’d barely had time to dress her, hide the evidence of their lovemaking, and get back to the couch before she woke. He hadn’t meant to drift off with her. But she was exquisite, and it felt so right to have her in his arms. If only she were meant for him, but it couldn’t be. She had to believe it was just a dream. Time to get up and ready to go. After all, it wouldn’t do for her to be late to her own wedding.


Crimson Duchess


His lips were hot, she felt as if he were branding her. Claiming her, marking her as his for the world to see. A simple kiss on the forehead and she was his. His lips began to travel; he kissed her nose, her cheeks, one at a time of course, her chin, before, at last, gently kissing her lips. His tongue traced her lips, and she felt his smile as hers parted. His lips left hers, she felt bereft and then not as she felt them on her neck.

She could not tell you when her shirt melted away, or when her bra disappeared. All she knew was what she felt. His hands on her shoulders as he nibbled lightly on her neck. His fingers slipping slowly down her body until they paused at her breasts, his lips following the trail. The heat of his mouth as he licked, sucked, and kissed each nipple in turn. His hands on her hips seemed cause her slacks to vanish but she was unaware.

He stepped back, looking at her intently as if appraising what he saw. She began to notice her state of undress but a look from him froze her. She ceased trying to cover herself, her eyes dropping, looking at the floor. Her cheeks red, hot, embarrassed down to her very core. She heard him circle her. She saw his shoes enter her field of vision, blurry through her tears.

“You are mine.”


Crimson Duchess

Hers & His

Author’s Note: I know that a couple of you are waiting for the next installment of my other story, however my mood is not…conducive to that particular setting at this time. You now get to find out why our Creative Writing teacher looked forward to my less… romantic stories.

Her Turn

“Enough! I have had enough of this shit from you for fucks sakes.” I’d come home to find that fucking prat in the arms of yet another slut. After promising me that the piece of shit I found him with last week was an aberration he had the balls, the unmitigated nerve to bring yet another fucking bit into my house, my room, my fucking bed!

“Baby, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have had so much to drink. I’ll stop drinking! I promise it will never happen again.” He looked at me with those fucking eyes, you know the look; begging, pleading, promising to make it up to me. Those fucking eyes have gotten him out of so much trouble in the past. Not this time though.

“I’ll make a deal with you Brad. You get one month to find yourself somewhere new to live, or to convince me that you will never cheat on me again. Convince me that I want you to stay. If you can’t you’re out of here on the 31st. Understood?” Nutmeg…didn’t sis mention nutmeg at one point…I walk out of the room without seeing the triumphant look on his face. Not that I care, he has no chance in hell.

His Turn

Stupid bint, who does she think she is? She thinks she’s going to kick me out? I’ve had girls on the side the entire time we’ve been together and she’s never known. I like this house, but I’m much more fond of the money she won in the lotto a couple of weeks ago. She doesn’t know that I heard her telling her mother. She’s already looking for a new house, she’s tired of renting. She even told her mom that she wants a pool. Think of all the pussy this is going to get me… Another 4 months and she’ll have to divorce me to get rid of me, and I’ll get half the money, I think I’ll take the house she buys too. I wonder who will inherit from her if something were to happen?

Her Turn

“Hey sis you wanna come check out the house I’m buying before I sign the paperwork?” I’m on the phone with Sara, I know he can hear me. He’s pretending to be asleep but I’m not as stupid as he thinks I am. I know about the other girls as well. But we weren’t living together, or even in the same town at that point so I let it go. It wasn’t until recently that he decided he could keep fucking anything with tits even though I’m paying the rent, the bills, paying off his debts… He really should think about what it’s going to mean for him once I stop. I haven’t made any payments on his crap this month, by the time he moves out his charges for his storage will be more than he can deal with. I hope he didn’t actually care about any of that stuff. I’m not a total bitch though, I went to the unit last weekend and took out the photos and albums. Also a couple of boxes that he’d put the most important things into, like things his grandparents had left him in their wills. I sent those boxes and, a box with the albums and such, to his mom along with a note letting her know why I was kicking him out. He’s been lying to them and telling his folks he has a job. By the time he gets to his mom’s place she’ll know that he’s been living off me and not even trying to find work. She’ll also know he’s been cheating which is what split his parents. I expect she won’t be happy. “Brad, I’m meeting Sara for a coffee. I’ll be back in a couple hours.” I call out as I head out the door. I hear a muffled “ya, ok” in response.

His Turn

I throw on some clothes real quick. I want to see this place too. She doesn’t know I rented a car on her credit card yet. I hop in the car and follow her. She’s only a couple blocks ahead of me so catching up isn’t an issue, staying off her radar is a little harder. I know she’ll pick Sara up so I take a different route over there. I can follow from her place. I watch as Sara gets into the car, says something that makes Emma laugh, and they drive off. What do you want to bet those bitches are talking about me? I follow them to the edge of the city, must be real fancy if she’s heading this way. I see them pull into a driveway where there’s a guy waiting on them. They just went in. I pull up behind Em’s car & walk in behind them. “Sorry I’m late, love but I took a wrong turn.” I just smile at the looks on their faces as I walk over and kiss her, hard. She needs to remember who she belongs to.

Her Turn

Goddamn it! He must have followed me. *sigh* It’s fine I can deal with this. I’m supposed to be giving him a chance right? What the fuck! He’s kissing me, hard! Fuck this shit! I am not his fucking little pet anymore. I told him that, unless I decided to let him stay, this shit was over!  “Hey babe, sorry I thought you still had a headache or I would have waited for you.” Stupid lowlife asshole… “Why don’t I give you a tour?” Of a house you’re never going to live in you fucking ass.

I took Brad around the house, he seemed exceptionally fond of the master bathroom. I was too though, part of the reason for picking this place was the shower with all the bells & whistles. I have to admit though the library and the pool were huge draws for me. The pool got his attention but he had no real interest in the library, the huge kitchen, or the small room attached to the master.

“What is this room, another closet?” Brad looked around the little room with disgust.

“Usually it’s meant for a nursery so that the parents don’t have to have their baby too far away. I’ll probably use it for storage or something.” I walk back out of the room. Screw that, it’s going to be my playroom, so to speak. I look back he’s just standing there, a dreamy look on his face. Oh dear god, he’s getting a hard on.

His Turn

Storage! Fuck that, I’m going to paint it red, get a St. Andrews Cross, maybe a cage, a bench or two… (he starts imagining a girl tied to a cross, a vibe attached to her clit, clamps on her nipples, a ball gag in her mouth. A second girl in the cage, waiting her turn like a good little slut. While another is strapped onto a bench, ass in the air, a dildo shoved in her pussy, full speed of course, while she sucks his dick) “Hey, you coming?” Fucking Em just had to go and ruin his daydream. Stupid bitch. Might be fun to have Em stuck in a cage, watching him with other girls before he makes her move out…

This house is going to have me drowning in pussy. I take a couple pics of the pool, the bathroom (holy shit that shower is awesome), and the media room as little miss bitch calls it. It’s a fucking movie room, I’m going to put a big ass screen on the wall, get a projector, and one of every movie I can order. Oh the tv shows I like too, she’ll never get a chance to use it though.

“I’ll meet you back at the house Em, gotta couple things to take care of. See ya later Sara.” I wave briefly as I walk out the door. I wonder if I could get Sara on that cross, she’s got really nice tits….

Her Turn

“Sara, he’s got to go now! I can’t take another 2 weeks of this shit!” I’m driving her home after signing the papers. The real estate agent was a little touchy when I said my boyfriend was not needed to sign. “And did you hear that jerk? Well Brad should really sign the paperwork as well. Even if he doesn’t the house will still be half his if you’re common law. Does he think I’m an idiot, I looked into all of this before I cashed in my ticket for christ’s sake!”

“Breathe sis mine. He doesn’t know the story, or that Brad’s about to be history. Speaking of which…you know you could get him to move out sooner. You did tell him that cheating 1 more time would be the end no matter how long was left till the end of the month, right?”

I pulled up to Sara’s driveway, parked, and we went in. She grabbed us a couple sodas and we sat down in the living room. “He’s being either real good or real careful hun. And now that he knows for certain about the money, he’ll make certain not to screw up. No, I gave him till the end of the month to be kind and now it’s biting me in the ass. I just can’t see an out.” I take a sip of my soda and lean back. Fuck, I really should have just kicked him out when I caught him.

“Don’t you still have his storage? You know he’ll have kept trophies, grab a few panties and bras, start leaving them around in subtle places. When you have someone over, not me or he’ll know it’s a setup, let them find something. After they leave you kick him out.” I ponder this for a moment or two; I can see how this might work.

“But as soon as the other person leaves he’ll fight getting kicked out. He won’t leave. I’ll have to do it when there’s a few people over so that I have backup to get him out.”

His Turn

I wonder when she’ll get the key…even if she kicks me out if I can get a copy it’ll be harder to get me out once I’m in…speaking of which, if we’re supposed to be trying to work things out, shouldn’t that involve sex? I think that’s the first time I’ve kissed her since the beginning of this. She may be a bitch but she’s my bitch until I say otherwise. I think I need to remind her of that.

I get home, head inside, and straight upstairs. Time to put the straps back on what she keeps calling “her” bed. Once the straps are on the bed I grab some toys, a towel, and some lube and stick it all in her bedside table. Gotta run to the liquor store, may have to get her a little tipsy if I’m going to make this happen. She’s been keeping her distance, probably wouldn’t have let me kiss her today if she didn’t hate making a scene so much. I wonder if I can use that? I grab her favorite whiskey, some mix, and some ice. Head home and start looking through the cupboards. Won’t win her over if I spend her money ordering out. I call her cell and ask her what time she’ll be home for dinner.

“I should be home in about an hour. What did you order?” She assumes I’ve ordered out. This should be fun. I tell her I’m making dinner and I don’t want to overcook anything. “You’re cooking? Alright, I’ll be home in an hour.” I go and clean up the dining room and the living room. I go upstairs and put away her clothes that are stacked on her dresser, putting candles and a lighter out for later. I just have to make her remember that the sex is the best she’s ever had, and keep out of trouble for the next 3 and a half months. Then half of everything will be mine if she wants me gone. I can do this, I just have to remember what’s at stake. I head into the kitchen and get dinner started. What movie did she want to watch again? Didn’t she buy a disk?

Her Turn

Sara and I discussed it before I left. He’s obviously trying to get back into my good graces. I guess he liked the house. I giggle quietly as I pull into the parking lot. Ok so where is that rental car? I wonder what that’s costing me….

I walk into the house; I can hear Il Divo playing. Interesting, he hates classical music. I only play it when he’s not around. He’s pulling out all the stops, oh god, I bet he’s trying to… I dash upstairs to my room. Candles, the restraints, pull open my drawer, yep, he’s going to try to get me to have sex. Fuck. I send Sara a text, tomorrow afternoon please. I need this over with. We ran over to the storage and got a few items. I’d complain but I tend to swipe t-shirts so…

I head back downstairs, he doesn’t seem to know I’m home yet. I wander into the kitchen where he’s making pasta, garlic bread, a salad, and I think that’s shrimp on the counter. “Out out out, go sit in the dining room, dinner is almost ready.” He guides me out of the kitchen, pulls my chair away from the table, and seats me as if we’re on a date. Ok, this is too weird. It’s because of the house though; I know it even as I wonder briefly if I can just enjoy it for one last night.

Dinner was amazing, for dessert he made popcorn and put in a movie I bought last week. Not one I thought he’d enjoy but he actually appeared to get into it. We had an evening like we haven’t had in months. We cuddled on the couch, eating popcorn, drinking, and watching movies. We ended up watching 2. After the first one ended I asked him if he’d spotted the other movie I bought. He said no, and looked surprised when I brought out one he’d been dying to see. Not my style but I’m used to picking up something for him when I get something for me. We watched it and then cleaned up the bowl and glasses. Now it’s time to head to bed and part of me wants him to join me. *sigh* This was the man I fell for so very hard. I have to remind myself that he’s still the man that’s been cheating on me nonstop. This hurts.

His Turn

Damn it! I’d forgotten what it’s like to spend an evening like this with her. This was what drew me in, this is what made me stay. This is what I’m going to miss. Any other night I would be following her to bed and making use of the toys I’ve prepared. I see the sadness in her eyes and I realize I can’t do it. I’m hurting her. She knows I’ve been cheating while we’ve been apart, I heard her talking to Sara. She let me, she said she didn’t want me to be lonely. And I took it as weakness. It’s time for me to stop being so weak, time to be a man as my Dad would say.

We walk upstairs, her room is to the right. The spare room where I’ve been sleeping is to the left. I see her hesitation so I kiss her cheek, wish her sweet dreams, and go in to my own bed. I hear her knock on the door a moment later. “C’mon in Em. The door’s open.” I watch as she comes in and sits on my bed.

“You put candles out, the restraints on my bed, and toys in reach. I know what your plan was. What I don’t know is why you didn’t follow through. Or at least try.” She looks curious, but she also looks a little hurt. I’d forgotten that she would most likely see this as me rejecting her. It was something we’d worked on when we first got together. Her ex-husband was such an ass.

“I realized I couldn’t do it.” I hold up my hand when she looks at me in shock. Another rejection I know but she’ll understand if I can explain before she walks out. She says oh, and stands to leave. I grab her wrist. “Sit please. I need to explain.” She sits but on the edge of the bed now, as if she’s going to bolt any moment. She probably will if I get this wrong. “I realized tonight that I missed spending the evening like this with you. I also realized that it’s my fault. I’ve been spending all my time on my computer, or on my phone; ignoring you, ignoring us. Always looking for the next score when none of them have measured up to you.” I see suspicion in her eyes, I can almost hear Sara singing it. Laughing about it would be bad… “Up until tonight I was thinking that, if I could just get you to stay with me until we legally became common law, if you kicked me out I’d still get half. After seeing that house today I even decided I would take it in the divorce.” She’s pissed now, I’d better keep going before she goes & gets her Grandad’s shillelagh. “So I planned to seduce you tonight, or getting you drunk enough that you’d be pliable. I figured you needed reminding what it’s like when we’re together. But then I did all this stuff and I remembered what it’s like when we’re together, not the sex but the rest of it. So I’m done. I’m not going to keep hurting you. You can call off whatever plan you and Sara have going cause tomorrow I’m going to pack up my gear. I’ll head to Mom’s on Monday if you don’t mind giving me a lift to the bus station. I’ll take the rental car back tomorrow. I should have talked to you about it before renting it anyway, it was just me being petty.” She didn’t even look at me, just nodded her head, stood, walked out, closing the door behind her. I wait a few minutes then slip quietly to her door putting my ear against it. She’s crying.

Her Turn

I walk out of his room, I can’t say anything. I don’t know if this is a trick or not. I didn’t think it would hurt this much. After everything, I still have a broken heart. What a fool I am. My eyes blur as I text Sara, I need to get this done. She messages me back. “Are you sure?” My reply “Ya, if he doesn’t pack we’ll reschedule” I’m lucky to get that done before the tears start. I can’t help it.

The next morning, the bell rings. It’s a couple of my friends that didn’t get the memo. I explain quietly that he’s already packing but they can stay for lunch anyway. I gave him his trophies after he got started. He threw them in the bin, said they didn’t matter. I’m not sure what to make of that. He doesn’t know but I called the storage and paid the next 6 months. I don’t have to be a bitch now. My friends head into the living room, Brad is in there looking for his video games. I walk over to the footstool, open it, and pull out his binder. “Thanks babe.” He kisses my cheek, and goes back upstairs after greeting my friends. I start going through the movies.

“I thought you bought all of those, Em?” My buddy Jay sits down beside me on the floor. “Or are you pulling the ones you bought for him?” I nod as I pull another one off the shelf. I scan the bar code on my cell so that I can replace it if I want to. Jay starts pulling movies from another shelf. He knows what I like and what would be for Brad. His girlfriend Mindy walks over, takes the phone out of my hand, starts scanning whatever we pull, and then puts it into a box. When we finish Jay looks at my bookshelf. “Any of those his?” I shake my head; Brad told me that the books were mine. He was going to leave his eBook behind too and I told him it was a gift so he should take it. I called the car rental place and when he took the car in they gave him an suv. I figured it was enough room for his stuff. He tried to argue with me when he got home but I pointed out that it was my choice. I’d rather he drive & turn the vehicle in there, than have him spend 3 days on a bus for a trip that won’t take more than 12 hours. I’m tearing up again, Mindy wraps her arms around me, Jay goes to pour Mindy and I each a drink. “Hey Brad, come down here and let’s figure out lunch.” Jay yells upstairs, I don’t hear his response but a couple minutes later he comes downstairs. They head out.

His Turn

I hear Jay yell up at me, I wondered how he was going to get me alone. I’m waiting for the hit as we walk to his car. “I’m not going to hit you. You made the right decision, I can respect that.” Oh… well now… that’s unexpected. We go and get lunch, he asks me what my plan is, I tell him. Find a job, get my own place, grow up a little, and if I can make enough, I’ll start paying back Emma for everything she’s done for me. He asks about relationships, I tell him I need a little time to grow up before I get involved again. What do you know, after all this time, I finally earned a little respect from him. We get some food, and head back to the house. When we walk in Em’s got that just washed look. She’s been crying again. My heart hurts.

I’ve said my goodbyes. Sara came over last night and for the first time since we met I didn’t have the desire to stare at her boobs all night. I drove past Em’s folk’s place and stopped in for a minute. Apologized for being an idiot and ruining the best thing that ever happened to me. I’ll be at my Mom’s in about an hour, it’s been a long drive. I’m used to having Emma next to me for the long trips. I think I’ll minimize anything longer than an hour.

Her Turn

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Brad asked me if I’d go to dinner with him tomorrow night. He was back at his Mom’s for 6 months, we didn’t speak the entire time. Until he called to tell me he had an opportunity with the company he works for to come out to this office. It’s a promotion and a pay raise but he said he’d turn it down if I didn’t want him back here. I congratulated him and told him it was fine. I wanted to say no but I’m supposed to be over him by now, right? I found him a place to rent, just up from his office. He can walk to and from work, no need to pay for parking. We’ve been talking once or twice a week since he got back, 3 months ago. It started with him sending me a cheque for the storage costs for the last six months I paid. Anyway, he called me this morning and asked if I would do him the honour of dinner tomorrow. After 9 months I should be able to be around him without wanting to touch him, right? I never knew you could be addicted to a person. He said he’d like to discuss a schedule for paying me back what he owes me. I need to call Sara.

His Turn

We’ve been dating for about a month now. She’s pretty skittish and I can’t blame her. I hug her; I kiss her hello, goodnight, and on occasion another kiss here or there. Light kisses, non-pushy kisses, kisses that neither ask for nor promise anything. I introduced her to my therapist. I started seeing him when I realized I needed to get Emma back. She’s seeing him now too. If things continue he’ll see us for couple’s therapy but I won’t rush that. I went to see her parents, I explained what I want, but told them that if she doesn’t want the same things then I will back off. I’ve already signed an additional year lease on my rental. Originally I only signed for 6 months in case it was too hard to be in the same city again. I won’t move in with her any time soon. And if I do I’ll keep working, paying my own debts and bills.

Last night was almost a mess. We walked into a bar downtown and a chick I slept with once came running over and threw herself at me. I pushed her away and told her that I’m with Emma. She laughed and said “Ya so, you were last time too.” Emma walked out, I pushed the bint off me and went after Em. It took all night to convince her I wasn’t cheating again. And I’m still not certain she believes me. I haven’t been with anyone since I left. All I can do is not screw up and hope that eventually she believes me. God knows I don’t expect her trust.

Her Turn

I can’t believe Jay and Mindy are getting married! We’re having an engagement party for them here tonight. It was actually Brad’s suggestion although he suggested a restaurant. But I have this place so that I can have parties and this is the perfect reason. Oh my god, everyone should be here in about 2 hours. I thought Brad was going to be early to help me. Oh wait there’s the bell.

The party is a success! Everyone loved the decorations, the food was awesome (who knew Brad had taken lessons), and they loved their presents. This has been the best evening. I’m even considering asking Brad to spend the night. I may have hinted earlier when I gave him the first real kiss we’ve shared this time around. Is that the bell?

I see Brad opening the door, what the hell was that sound? Wait, Brad’s bleeding! I run towards the door, Jay’s got the guy, holy fuck is that a gun? I look at Brad as he collapses.

“Stupid fucker should have stayed away from my wife! I’ve been waiting months to see him again! He shoulda kept it in his fucking pants!”

Crimson Duchess