Envy Is My Name

Envy? Truly? Me? Envious? Of whom might I ask? You should all be envying me. I do as I wish and I get away with it. When your sister is Death Incarnate who is going to argue? And although Scythe is lovely… I have my daggers. Where you ask? Wouldn’t you like to know? *grins*

Alright, I will admit that I do admire a few things that members of my family possess. But envy? Of course not. It’s not envious to admire things. Besides, it’s not really my role you know. I don’t envy others… much. But you will. Once I get my dainty little hands on you that is. Oh! You mean you didn’t know? You thought that as Envy it meant that I desired what others have? Oh no my love! But you will, you will very soon, you will with everything that you are. With every breath you take you will exhale “why isn’t that mine?” and every inhale “that will be mine”. My sisters and I join up on occasion, we direct your possessive desires in whichever direction amuses us the most. Lust, on her own, will cause you cravings so sweet as to make your very blood burn with desire. Add me into the mix and you’ll want someone that already belongs to another with a fire so strong that you’ll not be able to resist.


What? I supposed you’d prefer I amuse myself with another? I suppose I could but where would be the fun in that? The only question I have tonight is this. Should I call in a sister or play with you on my own? My finger tips trail along the back of your neck, my breath hot and sweet against your cheek as I speak softly into your ear. You feel a tingling where my fingers trace their patterns, a soft desire begins to well up deep in your soul, yearning, reaching, for something you know not what. What would you wish for the most? What is the least of your desires? I can switch them around, play with your priorities, cause you to absolutely need what you’ve never considered before. And you will hate everyone that has it because they are not you. I can leave your desires, your needs as they are as well. You’ll simply want them more. Much much more. So very much more. My fingers travel down your spine, your gut aches with need, you feel the desire so exquisitely that you cannot stand it. You’re trembling, you feel my hands grasp yours fiercely, I place them on my hips and move in closer. You can feel the heat from my body pressing gently against you. You’re oblivious now to all but the want. You have forgotten that I am here, that I am holding you softly to me, that I am still whispering in your ear.

Can you hear me, love? See me? Do you even still know I exist? No? Good. I’ve been watching you for days now. You desire the woman you work with even though she is married. I would not need Lust’s help to turn that into an all consuming need. You already have that desire. Or perhaps I should intensify that want for the life your neighbour lives. He’s so lucky. He gets to fly around all the time, go to exotic places, sleep with whomever he wishes, and his house, car, and other possessions cause your mouth to water even now. You don’t know where the money comes from, nor do you really care. You actually know nothing about him other than what you see when he gets home on the weekends.


Oh! I know! I know how I want to direct you! You shall want both! My lips brush gently against your ear as I begin to tell you why she should wish to be with you. She probably already wants you as badly as you want her but she’s afraid to leave her husband. She’s afraid that she’s misreading you. She’s scared that you don’t truly desire her. You’ll have to prove it you know. You’ll have to show her just how badly you want her, how badly you need her to be yours. What about her husband? Will he let her leave? Will he try to make her stay? You may have to help her you know. If you truly want her (I press against you a little stronger, my fingers travel lower to remind you of how your body needs her touch, my lips softly kiss your neck leaving my brand behind) and you do, then you may end up having to get a little rough with him. Just remember, it’s all for her. She needs you as badly as you do her. More even. So badly she is in constant agony awaiting your courage to save her from her own personal hell. You must save her.

I slip around quietly to your back. My fingers trace your wallet in your back pocket. I reach around to your front pockets and turn them out. As for your neighbour, why should he have everything and you have so very little? What has he ever done to deserve it? You’ve never noticed anyone else so much as stopping by the house. Sometimes he’s gone for weeks at a time. I wonder if anyone would even notice if he stopped coming home after his trips. Perhaps you should talk to him, reason with him. He has no need for such a home and you, well you’re going to have the woman of your dreams soon. So you obviously require a grand home. You wish to impress your lady fair after all. She will need an amazing home to showcase her beauty after all. Not like this place, this dump you call home, for now. And your car. Really, it’s at least ten years old. He has the newest model sports car, and you’re certain you’ve seen an SUV in the garage on occasion. Why should he have two new cars when your piece of shit is sitting in the driveway destroying the property values as we speak? I pull slightly away from you, walk back to face you, my fingers still trailing patterns on your arms. No one would notice if he stopped coming back from his trips you know. You could always say that he sold you his house, the cars too. He moved, that’s it, he’s moved to be closer to work. He’s tired of traveling all of the time. I’m certain you can work something out between the two of you. Just remember, it should be yours, you deserve it, he doesn’t need it. I complete my pattern and step back to watch it absorb into his skin. This one was a little more complicated but it will work. Perhaps I’ll ask Lust to swing by his coworkers place and add a little compulsion to her.


Time for me to go home, I wonder if Gluttony has any snacks left. Probably not, I should pick something up on the way home. I wish I’d borrowed Greed’s car, mine is lovely but her’s goes like a bat out of hell.


Crimson Duchess