An Afternoon Delight

I walk into your office looking sharp in a black dress jacket, matching skirt, hot pink silk shirt, 3 inch heels, and hair in a clip behind my head. As I walk slowly towards you, my left hand reaches out and takes your right hand, I place my right hand on your chest and, pushing firmly, back you up to your desk until you are right up against it. I slip my hand around the back of your neck and pull your mouth down to mine. I feel you shift slightly on your desk, your legs moving further apart, and your hands reaching around to pull me in closer. You can feel my slow smile as I allow you to take control of the kiss. As your tongue slips between my teeth, I get my first taste of you, I moan softly. My hands begin to unbutton your shirt and you take this as permission, undoing the button on my jacket and sliding it off of my shoulders. I permit it, shrugging it off to drop to the floor.

With your shirt unbuttoned, I slide my hands underneath your t-shirt and begin to touch you lightly. I can feel your fingers undoing the buttons on my shirt but only allow you get about half way before taking a step back. Grasping your hands, I look you in the eyes and shake my head very slowly. I place your hands on the desk and press down gently.

Taking my hands off of yours, I slide your shirt slowly off your shoulders, down your arms stopping at your wrists. Then slowly lift your t-shirt up along your chest, over your head, and down your arms to rest with your shirt. I begin to nibble on your neck while running my hands up your back, massaging your shoulders briefly and down your chest stopping just above your belt buckle.

crimson_duchess_rivers_of_grue (2)

I undo the belt buckle, then the button on your pants, and I slowly pull down the zipper. My mouth begins to travel down your chest, kissing, licking, nibbling wherever catches my attention. As my mouth reaches your navel I pull you slightly away from the desk and pull your pants ever so slowly down your legs. I am enjoying the anticipation, the game and look up to see if you are too. I start caressing your legs, starting at the bottom and working my way up, kissing and nibbling as I move.

You begin to move your hands so I adjust my position, taking your hands and placing them back on your desk. My mouth is watering, and I lick your cock just once on the outside of your boxers. I then slip my hands under the sides of your boxers, lifting away from your skin and pulls forward and down. Your cock is free for me to play with now and you see my eyes light up in appreciation. I can’t help myself and you hear a low greedy sound escape my lips.

crimson_duchess_rivers_of_grue (3)

Placing my hand at the base of your cock and, making sure to look at your face, I slip it into my mouth and take it in as far as I can in one movement. When I’ve gone as far as I can, you see me take a deep breath, give your cock a lick, and take it in further. I’m watching your face, watching your eyes the entire time. I want to know what you like, what feels good, what really turns you on. When I have it fully into my mouth, you feel me place my tongue on the underside and slowly move my mouth all the way back to the top, licking him like a lollipop all the way up.

crimson_duchess_rivers_of_grue (6)

My left hand is against the desk offering support but my right hand is free to assist me. I reach for your balls as my mouth goes back down on your cock and begins to caress them, squeeze them, play with them. My god but you taste so good. I notice that I’m making little sounds but I don’t care. My mouth is moving back up your shaft, a little more quickly. I shift my hand to follow my mouth, grasping firmly.

I feel your hands on my shoulders but I don’t care, that means you can support me now and I bring my left hand off the desk. I slide it around behind you, grab your ass and, as my mouth begins another downward journey, press in you even closer to me, trying to take you in without hesitation. I gag just a little towards the bottom but push through it and get you all the way in. You grin at my sound of satisfaction. I start back up, licking you, allowing a little more suction this time, my hand following along. As I reach the top, I lick around the head, gentle flicks of my tongue, tasting you, wanting even more of you.

crimson_duchess_rivers_of_grue (1)

Someone knocks on your door, you call out that you’re busy at the moment. I try and nearly succeed in stifling a giggle. They ask if everything is ok and I take that moment to give your balls a light squeeze causing you just a slight problem in answering. You manage to tell them that everything is fine while I play with your balls. I remove my mouth, slip in a mint, suck on it for a moment and then lightly touch it to the edges of your head. It feels cool and causes a slight numbing sensation. I begin to stroke your cock with my hand, taking just the tip back into my mouth. While my hand glides up and down your shaft, my tongue is tracing your head, flicking across the top. Slowly I begin to move down your shaft with my tongue, keeping my tongue soft to begin with, flicking here and there gently. When I reach your balls I take them into my mouth one at a time, tasting them, sucking softly.

 crimson_duchess_rivers_of_grue (7)

I feel your hand fist in my hair, my hair clip seems to be long gone, you pull softly at first, harder when I resist. I begin to rise as you pull, you offer me a hand up and I take it. I’m pouting at you for taking me away from my fun. Suddenly your mouth is on mine, you lift me to sit on the edge of your desk, my skirt around my waist now. You’re pleased to find nothing underneath. Within moments your cock is inside of me, filling me, I moan louder than I mean to but it simply makes you smile. Your hands reach between us, pulling my shirt open, the remaining buttons scatter.

You pull me tight against you, control is no longer mine but I don’t care. Your hips begin to move, you lift me off the desk with each thrust. Your mouth covers mine, muffling our moans, our passion. My fingers are leaving imprints in your shoulders as I hold on tightly, yours leave your marks on my hips. My head falls back as your mouth leaves mine and you begin to devour my neck. We’ve forgotten where we are and are not nearly quiet enough now. You thrust into me one more time, hard and we explode, falling over the edge together.

crimson_duchess_rivers_of_grue (9)

We hear a throat clearing and you look back over your shoulder. Our boss is standing just inside the open door. We can see our co-workers trying to look past him. “Five minutes, my office” he walks out closing the door behind him, we can hear him yelling at everyone to get back to work.

We look at each other, my cheeks are red, I can’t help but blush. You smile slowly, help me off the desk, kiss me softly, and say the first words either of us has spoken since I entered your office. “Totally worth it.”


Crimson Duchess

14 thoughts on “An Afternoon Delight

  1. Death Maiden says:

    wow….I need a smoke xo

  2. Carlette says:

    Wow. I’m horny as fuck now.

  3. sweetestgapeach says:

    Oh my goodness!! I’m so turned on right now! Haha! Very nice sis!! Now I must go find those batteries!! *giggles* Xoxo

  4. 2andrea2 says:

    Hot damn sis my phone is smoldering, that was steamy as hell! Xoxo

  5. Emory Slone says:

    Damn Sister! lol Great job!!!

  6. dievans93 says:

    Holy shit sister……guess I’m headed back to the shower * fans self* Bravo!! xoxo

  7. The Grue Phoenix says:

    WOW that was smoking hot!!! I need a smoke now!! then a cold shower! AMAZING! HOLY HELL SISTER!!!!!!

  8. IMPERIUSEX says:

    Er … You said a mouthful ?😱

  9. Squishy says:

    I wanna work in your office, 🙂 took me 4 tries to make it to the end without having to stop.. Squishy..

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