He doesn’t see it. He doesn’t know that I do. He believes that everything he can see is all that is there. I can see it following him, every morning, every afternoon, I see it curling up in the chair beside our bed at night. It goes everywhere he goes. It crossed over me tonight, it was cold, freezing, evil. I don’t know what to do.

He’s losing weight, grumpy all the time now, doesn’t want to even share the same bed anymore. It knows I can see it and it’s trying to take him from me. I kissed his cheek when I was going out earlier and he flinched. This has to stop. I need to stop it.

I came home from work and found him with another woman. Thing is I can see the blackness over taking him. I told her to get dressed and get out of my house. I watched as the darkness backed off, the look in his eyes changed. He cried, he said there’s something wrong. He said he’d never cheat on me, he doesn’t know why he did.

We went to the doctor last week, got the test results back today. It turns out he has a brain tumour. They’re operating next month. But I don’t think the darkness is the tumour, I think it’s the cause of it. This thing following him around is evil, it scares me. I think when they do the surgery my love is going to die and this thing will take his place.

Well that was entertaining….not. I tried to talk to a priest about what I see. He told me the stress of my husband’s condition is causing hallucinations. I showed him my diary, proof that I’ve been seeing this for a while. He told me that some people are empathic enough to sense things like this and that I have a very rare gift…. stupid man. Will try someone else tomorrow.

Came home from work, he was already home. The house was clean, the table was set, dinner was nearly ready. He told me to go up and change into something nice, tonight was date night. He told me he took the next couple of weeks off of work. He wants to spend time with me before his surgery. I don’t see the darkness tonight. This almost scares me more.


I went into work today and asked for the next two weeks off. He asked me if I’d like to go on a second honeymoon. I think he is afraid this surgery is going to kill him. I’m hoping the dark beast will stay away. Maybe if we leave before it returns it won’t be able to find him. It seems odd that it should disappear so close to surgery but I will count my blessings where I can find them.

Two days in the sun, two nights full of fun. Dear god I’ve missed this. He booked me for a massage this morning while he sleeps a little. When I woke earlier than normal he was watching me sleep. He said he didn’t want to miss a moment with me. I’m a little worried, maybe he really doesn’t think he’ll make it through. The doctor said that there is an 85% chance that he’ll come out of this and be fine. I need to help him believe he’ll survive, positive thinking is important.

He wanted to go to church this morning, we haven’t gone in years. Now I know he must be scared. He wanted to speak with the priest after the sermon. The way the priest was looking at him has me concerned. I was glad to leave, I could see the strain on his face, and the incense was giving me a headache. On the way to get lunch afterwards he told me that he wants to go back at least once more before we leave. As odd as it is, I can’t say no.

Four days now, every morning when I wake he’s watching me. I know I thought it was sweet, but now it’s getting creepy. I have a scratch down my arm this morning and I have no idea where it came from. I don’t think I got it during sex but I suppose I must have. I also can feel a bruise on my lower back. Were we really that energetic last night? I should hurry up, he’s waiting for me. We’re off on a day tour today. I always wanted to see the ruins here. I don’t think I’ve felt this loved in months.

Well that was just weird as hell. We were walking through one of the old temples and the tour guide kept watching us. The entire time the security guard stood well back from our group but he stayed with us. There were other groups there, why was he following ours?  When we got to the shop the clerk and security there took over watching us, as if we looked like hardened criminals or something. I’ve never been so happy to get back to a hotel.

Ok that was just odd, this entire week is getting stranger and stranger. I went in to have a shower, forgot my shampoo and went back out to get it. He was digging through my suitcase. He said he heard me swear and went to see what I might have forgotten, except my shampoo was on the bed, and I didn’t swear.

He went through my suitcase again. I have no idea what he’s looking for. Whatever it is he didn’t find it. He seems to be calmer now though, as if a weight has left him. Well whatever it was, when we were heading back from dinner we stopped at a lovely little shop and he bought me a new dress, shoes, even jewelry. We’re going to go through all of our savings before we head home at this rate. But I can’t deny him right now.

Another day of playing tourist, so much fun! Today was a cruise. From the water it’s obvious that the cliffs are massive. The tour guide pointed out the church we went to the other day. It’s the oldest on the island and on the highest point. We could barely see the top of the steeple. According to the tour the only way onto the island other than plane is the one harbour that we left from. It was absolutely beautiful.

More bruises, more scratches, pain. I know I couldn’t have gotten them last night. He’s never been more gentle than he was last night. I’m getting scared. I had a long soak in the tub this morning. Then we went for breakfast and spent the day in the pool. Ok well he spent the day in the pool. I stayed resting on a lounge chair, I didn’t want anyone to see the bruises on my back.

We leave in three days and, as much as there’s been some weird shit happening, I don’t want to go home. We haven’t been this happy in so long. He wants to go to the church today. I’m not really feeling like I want to go though. Maybe I can talk him into going tomorrow instead. I’m just not feeling great.

Oh my god what an amazing day. I told him I wasn’t feeling well so we spent the day curled up together in our room, and we had dinner at a very high class place. I told him I didn’t bring anything to wear to a place like that and he bought me another dress, heels, jewelry… I have never felt so spoiled.

He says he has a surprise for me today. He said we’ll be doing some walking so to dress comfortably. I tried and tried to get a hint or two but he just says I’ll find out, and smiles at me with such love. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.

“According to a local priest the man involved was dying from a brain tumour. He had spoken to the priest previously and requested assistance. He believed his wife had a demon attached to her and after a couple of days of careful observation the priest concurred. They came in earlier in the day and when they began the ritual to free her she broke free and went tearing out the back of the church. The husband went after her and in the struggle that occurred they fell over the cliff.”


Crimson Duchess

16 thoughts on “Tumour

  1. dievans93 says:

    I was hanging on every word!! Sister this is marvelous!! Absolutely brilliant!! Love you! MUAH

  2. 2andrea2 says:

    Oh wow dear sister this was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed this!

  3. Death Maiden says:

    Wow. Just… Wow. Bravo Sis mine bravo!!

  4. Death Maiden says:

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    An amazing read, drags you along immersed in the thrall of It’s madness

  5. sweetestgapeach says:

    Wow, I wasn’t expecting the ending! I was hanging on the edge of my seat!! Lol truly brilliant!! Loved it!! Sismine ur awesome Xoxo

  6. Wow sis that was amazing!!! Loved it

  7. IMPERIUSEX says:

    Well written and nice twist !!

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  9. True*Grue*Angel says:

    Very nice Read sis… love twist and the journey..nicely done.

  10. Oh sister!! This is such an incredibly fabulous story! I really Løved it from start to finish ♥

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