I could feel you, my eyes were closed, blindfolded, but my other senses were flooded by you. Your hands trailing slowly down my body, your breath hot against my neck. I could feel your erection pressing against me, eager for entrance, but you would not, you teased, pressing yourself against me tightly. My hands could not touch you, they were bound; all I could feel was the soft silk against my fingers, wrapped around my wrists, tightly. I could not speak, I was gagged, more silk, soft against my lips but preventing my words. I felt your lips as they kissed my face, my neck, down over my shoulders and chest, my breasts were treated to kisses, nibbles, bites….and then you moved on. Your hands stroking my skin, touching me everywhere they could reach, and there was nowhere free from their touch. Everywhere your hands travelled so too did your lips, your mouth, that ever so talented tongue. I wanted to cry out, to scream, to beg you for release. You heard my whimpers, you slid down my body and your tongue was on my clit, sucking, flicking, stroking. Your fingers dove inside of me, you brought me so close that I felt as if I would explode if you continued! You slowed, you stopped, I could not help myself, I tried again to beg you but again all you heard was my whimpers, my moans. You understood though, and I felt your cock teasing me again. I could not move my feet, bound as tightly as my hands, but I could lift my hips and so I did begging without words this time. You ever so gently, so very slowly, slid your cock inside of my pussy. You whispered no when I moved, and so I laid perfectly still as you filled me slowly with your length. I could not prevent my moan when you filled me completely, your groin against me. You leaned in, removed my gag and kissed me. The gag back where it was you began to move. Slowly at first, then faster, your hands preventing my movement, the gag preventing any sounds beyond my moans. It didn’t take long before you were pounding into me, hard, fast, intense, just as I needed. And then, oh god then….


I hate fucking alarms…

Crimson Duchess

9 thoughts on “F*ck

  1. Carlette says:

    DAMN I HATE when that happens!!! LOLOL

  2. Death Maiden says:

    Reblogged this on Death Maiden Musings and commented:
    Alarms….the killers of the best dreams. Read this Journey

  3. dievans93 says:

    I’d throw the damn alarm clock against the wall!! Evil device!!

  4. WickdKittie says:

    Hence why I do not own an alarm! 😉

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