Choose Your Destiny #8 (the beginning)

What the hell is this? I bolt around the corner and stop dead. There’s glass all over the floor.


Kind of glad I found these shoes. Those damn slippers made the worst shuffling sound and the soles would have been too thin for this. I can’t go back, it leads back down to where that….thing was. I was lucky enough to get past it once, I won’t chance it again. But it was worth it to get the shoes, although I wonder why anyone would have left them behind. I supposed that creature might have been after them too.

There’s an open door part way down the hall, the sounds I’m hearing don’t exactly encourage me. I tried the other hall but there were those creepy doctors, and they’d already nearly caught me once. I also found a room with hooks hanging from the ceiling, that’s where they nearly caught me. But I bolted into the other room and into an open vent. There are times being little is good. I saw them look under the desk and in the closet. I almost gave myself away when I saw the dead woman.

Anyway now I’m here and procrastinating like mad. I can’t for long though. I can hear something and I can’t help but wonder which is deadlier, whatever is out here in the hall with me, or whatever is in that room making those squishy, tearing sounds. I’ll take the icky sounds. Either way I don’t think I’m getting out of here alive.

I walk carefully on the glass, trying to make as little noise as possible. I don’t want anything or anyone to hear me so…. Oh! It’s the man I saw earlier. The doctors dragged him out of the closet where that poor woman was. I look down, see the nurse things and look back up. He’s looking at me now, striding towards me. I back up quickly but he’s faster than I am and he has me against the wall, by the throat. He looks me over carefully; I’m trying not to squirm, or anything. If the situation were different this would be quite the turn on. Oh dear god how can I be thinking that at a time like this? Maybe I’m trying to ignore the dagger pressed against my breast. Ok, I give up, I’m going to die anyway. I slam my knee into his groin, and smash my elbow on his neck. I lift him partially off the glass, as much as I can, but I hear the thing in the hallway getting closer and I can’t just leave him here.

When he wakes he’s tied to a chair, and I have his pretty daggers.

Warenski-ruby-dagger-wCrimson Duchess

5 thoughts on “Choose Your Destiny #8

  1. trueangelofgrue says:

    *claps hands* yay, awesome sister mine. This has been an epic journey of blood, scares and fun and it is still open for so much more!

  2. Death Maiden says:

    Reblogged this on Death Maiden Musings and commented:
    Brilliance…simply that

  3. Death Maiden says:

    A beautiful and delightful adventure to my eyes Sis mine. Thank you.

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